How to clean marble? Tips for making marble shine!

From flooring to kitchen worktops and decorative objects, marble naturally finds its place in our homes. appreciated for its impact resistance as much as for his beauty, it deserves a lot of attention and its maintenance cannot be done with just any product. Fortunately, to clean, stain and shine marble there are alternative natural solutions to chemicals.

clean marble

This beautiful material must be cleaned very regularly to maintain its original beauty, color and shine. To do this, simply fill a bucket with hot water and add:

  • either black soap,
  • either Marseille’s soap.

We then pass the mop if it is marble placed on the ground or a sponge for the work plan or other. Then you have to take care of
dry the marble well with a cloth to avoid streaks.

In order to clean a small marble surface or an object, one can use the
Meudon whiteconsisting of chalk, and which is wrongly called the white of Spain which is made from clay. Blanc de Meudon mixed with a little water makes it possible to obtain a
cleansing cream not too thick. Then just take this cream with a dry cloth and rub the marble and then polish it with another clean cloth.

Detach marble

Yes the marble is stainyou don’t have to especially not rub it with an abrasive sponge, or use an acidic product such as vinegar or bleach.

Homemade abrasive paste for detaching marble

It’s necessary prepare an abrasive paste for marble with 35% of bicarbonate de sodium and 65% of pumice powder. This paste is to be applied to the stained area. We simply let it dry then rinse and then pass a soft cloth so that all traces of humidity disappear completely. It is a solution that is perfectly suited to the maintenance and stain removal of marble headstones.

Another solution is to clean the marble with a sponge without scraper on which we spent a clay stone. It is necessary to rub gently, rinse with clear water then dry carefully.

Natural solution to remove halos on marble

Of the halos may have formed on marble if he was badly dried for example. Fortunately, it is possible to remove them easily. To do this, we start by covering the rings with Land of Sommières and let it act for an hour or two. We aspire then we pass a soft cloth soaked in a mixture consisting ofHot water and two tablespoons of bicarbonate de sodium. It is then necessary to rinse well and completely dry the marble in order to avoid the formation of new, very unsightly rings.

shine marble

Once the marble has been cleaned and dried perfectly, just pass a microfiber cloth to polish it. Some people use wax, but be careful, if it makes the marble shine, it can clog it over time. It can also make it particularly sliding. We therefore do not pass a marble floor or even a marble staircase with wax, because this can promote falls and therefore, represent a real danger for young and old alike. We reserve the wax for marble objects and surfaces on which we do not walk, in order to protect them from the ravages of time.

Finally, to make marble shine, all you have to do is put a few drops ofhuile de lin on a cloth, rub the surface to be treated then wipe it well with a clean microfiber cloth.

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