How to descale a shower or a bathtub?

It is because the tap water is too calcareous that in the long term scale forms on the walls of the shower and in the bathtub. But how to effectively get rid of these very unsightly yellowish traces ?

Tartar invades our toilets

For a few months now, you have noticed that the magnificent white bathtub that you have just bought, moreover expensive, is beginning to turn yellow in certain places, whereas after each use you attach particular care to its cleaning?

Do not get upset, because the scaling of bathtubs and showers is simply inevitable. Yes, as the water we use is too rich in limestone, scale automatically forms on the walls of bathtubs and showers, over time, without our being able to avoid it.

The phenomenon is amplified all the more, if one regularly takes a bath in the bathtub and this even if its cleaning is done in the rules of the art. Moreover, if you carefully observe the sanitary equipment in your bathroom, you will notice that the tartar is not only encrusted on the walls of the shower, the sink and the bathtub, but also invades tiles and earthenware, not to mention the faucets, and particularly the shower head. But how to deal with it effectively?

Some tips for successfully descaling your bathtub and shower

There are several tips to effectively get rid of these traces of limescale. There are of course the chemicals intended primarily for the descaling of the bathtub. Only, in addition to their toxicity, these products often also leave often repulsive unpleasant odors in the bathroom. What’s more, anything chemical is harmful to the environment.

This is why I have always only used all-natural products, which I remind you are also very affordable. So for a successful descaling of a bathtub or a shower, you will need: white alcohol vinegar, lemons, as well as coarse salt. And above all, don’t forget an abrasive sponge to rub well with your “homemade” descaling product on the affected areas and household gloves to protect your hands.

Start by heating a liter of white vinegar in a saucepan, cover the scaled parts with coarse salt soaked in lemon and leave to act for half an hour. Using the abrasive sponge, gently and regularly brush the sides of the tub and shower with the warm white vinegar and rinse with plenty of water.

Repeat the operation until the traces of limestone disappear definitively. And open the windows wide, otherwise you risk suffocating!

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