How to find a painter when you don’t know anyone?

Calling on a painter is particularly recommended when considering large-scale painting work or when this work requires experience and real know-how. But it is not easy to choose the painter who will be the best if you do not know professionals specialized in this field. Our advice for finding and selecting the painter who will be best suited to your projects.

Rely on word of mouth

The advice, certainly the most judicious, to find a painter is to rely on word of mouth. Take a survey of those around you. You will certainly find someone who has already dealt with a professional of this type. If he was satisfied with it, he will definitely recommend a serious craftsman you can trust.

It is also an asset to guarantee a good relationship with a painter if you contact him by informing him that he has been recommended to you.

If even word of mouth does not allow you to choose your painter, then you can approach an interior designer who is used to working with quality and experienced professionals.

Avoid tempting offers

To be sure of having to deal with a competent and serious painter, pay attention to tempting offers. Above all, run away from professionals who offer to carry out your work “black”. In case of problems, you will have no recourse.

In the same way, do not be tempted by the flyers you find in your mailbox. Artisan painters who justify a professional qualification and therefore registration in the directory of trades to be able to practice their trade rarely use this kind of process to make themselves known.

Consult the platforms for connecting painters and individuals

Today there are many platforms available on the Internet whose objective is to connect individuals with craftsmen, including painters. They allow you to quickly select the contact details of professionals close to your home and whose achievements correspond to the painting work you wish to carry out.

These platforms also make it possible to consult the opinions of individuals who have already called on a painter present on these sites. These reviews are generally good indicators to make the best possible choice. On the other hand, these platforms have the advantage of providing quick responses to individuals who consult them.

Ask to see paint jobs that have already been done

Once several artisan painters have been selected, the best thing is to ask to be able to see on site the painting work they have already done. A good way to realize the skills of the painter. In particular to be able to check if the finishes such as the joints, the laying of the floor bar, etc. are well made and well designed.

Choose qualified painters

Like all trades in the building sector, the painter can benefit from qualifications and certifications. Choosing a professional who benefits from a certification, for example of the “Qualibat” type, is the assurance of calling on a professional whose technical skills and seriousness have been validated.

In the same way, it is important to check whether the painter approached to carry out your work is covered by professional insurance. In the event of problems during the construction site, this insurance is the guarantee that your work will be well covered and, above all, carried out in the end. For large-scale painting work, it is even advisable to opt for a painter covered by ten-year insurance.

Get multiple quotes

Before choosing your painter, it is important, first of all, to ask for a very detailed estimate, but above all to contact at least two professionals to compare their prices and their services. These quotes must imperatively include details such as, for example, the supply and/or installation of the paint, the prices including tax or even any travel costs for the painter.

In general, don’t automatically favor quotes with the lowest prices without properly comparing the types of paint jobs they cover.

Also ask the painter to draw up a very detailed construction, but also financial, schedule. In any case, do not fully pay for your work before it begins.

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