How to remove a scratch on a wooden floor?

There are different solutions for removing a scratch from parquet, but care must be taken to adapt the method to the type of parquet. Let’s see how to proceed depending on whether the parquet is laminated, waxed or vitrified.

Erase a scratch on a laminate floor

Unlike solid wood flooring, the laminate flooring consists of slats composite material that are generally clipped to each other, which allows this type of floor covering to be laid without the use of glue. But it may not be real wood, it is legitimate to wish to remove the slightest scratch that could alter its aesthetic quality. To remove this type of mark, there are solutions that are easy to apply, without having to be a DIY pro.

With a metal polish

It is a product that can be found either in aerosol or in liquid form. It is this second version that must be used.

  • Bring a soft, clean and dry cloth,
  • Place a few drops of metal polish on one corner of the cloth,
  • Rub in circular motions the scratched area of ​​the laminate parquet,
  • Leave to dry for at least 60 minutes,
  • Buff with a clean, lint-free cloth.

With wood varnish

The special wood varnish must be chosen from a range of tint as close as possible to that of laminate parquet.

  • Bring a ultra fine brush so that it is easier to precisely deposit the varnish in the scratch because it is better not to overflow,
  • Place a small amount of varnish on the bristles of the brush,
  • Gently and precisely pass the tip of the brush over the scratch,
  • Mark a drying time of several hours, respecting the indications given on the bottle of varnish,
  • Polish the treated area with a clean microfiber cloth as it does not lint.

It can be seen that the scratch is much less visible than before.

With cigarette ash

This solution is more suitable for a very superficial scratch on laminate flooring.

  • Sand the scratched area with a felt that we took care to moisten slightly with clear water,
  • Place a small amount of ash on the scratch.

Removing a scratch on waxed parquet

There are quite a number of solutions for erasing a scratch on a waxed floor. We use for example:

  • The filling wax for wood or wood filler: put a little product on the mark to be removed. After drying, sand lightly with fine grain sandpaper then polish with a silk cloth or microfiber cloth.
  • From the product of car polish : pour a few drops on a soft cloth, rub the scratch with circular gestures, let dry, polish.
  • And shoe polishand makeup pencil or one wax crayon : these filling solutions must be in the same tone than the floor covering.
  • A tinted wax whose color is very close to that of waxed parquet, or even a lighter bath. You can also use the softened wax after being heated for a few seconds in the microwave or in a bain-marie: place on a soft cloth then polish if the scratch is very superficial.
  • From Walnutto be placed on the scratch using a cotton swab, then polish after complete drying.

Attention ! For remove a deep scratch and clearly visible, it is recommended to use the deduction. The procedure is as follows:

  • Superficially sand the scratched area,
  • Vacuum the residual dust generated by sanding,
  • Fill the scratch with softened wax,
  • Then apply a thick layer of wax on and around the area to be treated,
  • Remove the excess wax,
  • Mark an exposure time for optimal drying as indicated on the pot of wax,
  • Carefully polish with a soft microfiber cloth.

Removing a scratch on a vitrified parquet

It’s a varnished parquet of which the finish by vitrification is protective and brings a very aesthetic touch to this coating. Vitrified parquet has the particularity of being able to be renovated since it can withstand being sanded and then refinished. When it has scratches, they can be removed in different ways.

With wood pulp

  • Place a layer of wood putty on each scratch so that it is filled. Allow sufficient rest time for the dough to be completely dry.
  • Gently sand with a sheet of fine grit sandpaper in order to remove the excess wood putty and obtain a perfectly smooth finish.
  • Finish by applying a vitrifier to the treated surface.
  • Leave to dry before walking on the newly glazed areas of the parquet, respecting the drying time indicated by the manufacturer.

You can buy wood putty in a DIY store or prepare it yourself with colle and some sawdust quite simply.

Removing a scratch on a wooden floor

It is common that a scratch spoil the beauty of a parquet floor. She is however shallower than a scratch. Here’s how to remove a scratch on a wooden floor with simple solutions.

With oils

You can remove a scratch on a vitrified parquet simply by using a mixture of olive oil and turpentine oil that we pass over the defect with a cotton swab.

This solution is effective provided that the trace is very superficial. This is why we rather speak of a scratch.

With solvent then alcohol at 90°

Again, this is a proven method for removing slight scratches on a vitrified parquet. You have to operate as follows:

  • Start by soaking a cotton swab with a remover,
  • Gently rub the scratched area,
  • Take a new cotton swab and soak it this time with90° alcohol,
  • Gently pass it over the scratch,
  • Respect a time of drying a few hours,
  • Polish the floor with a soft, lint-free cloth. A silk cloth is the ideal.

If the scratch was superficial, it should be almost gone.

After a few years, the scratches multiply and can really be too deep in terms of depth and/or numerous. In this case, it is certainly not with a cotton swab that one should undertake to make them disappear! It is then preferable to renovate your parquet in the rules of the art by a professional.

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