How to transform any toilet into a designer toilet ?

Very often, the omnipresence of white imbues the toilets with a neutral and sober atmosphere. Because the surface is petite, should it be abandoned? Especially not ! Just like the other rooms in the house, the toilets deserve a deco neat. Our 5 tips for transforming ordinary toilets into a design space.

1 – Makeover the walls of your toilets

If your toilet lacks temperthe first step is to take care of the walls for which several possibilities are available to you: paint, wallpaper or sticker, stickers, photos and other posters.

The painting. A little color will punch up your toilet. From floor to ceiling or on a side only, dare apple green, electric blue or chocolate. If these shades seem too punchy to you, switch to mode pastel. Beware of dark colors in this small space that may reinforce the impression of narrowness. There are also paints that can be written on with a chalk like the schoolchildren we were!

The wallpaper. This coating, which was neglected for a while, is once again becoming very trendy because it allows more fancy than painting. The trompe-l’oeil paper opens up all the perspectives in the toilets: a brick wall, an immersion in the savannah, a panoramic view… Interesting too, the wallpapers in imitation wood, cement tiles, waxed concrete… Geometric patterns are also very popular. Paper is an inexpensive solution because a single roll will be enough to sublimate your toilet.

self-adhesive paper. This easy-to-use product is also very practical because it can be removed without damaging the support. So you can change it in no time. The sticker paper has a lot innovated in recent years by offering patterns similar to wallpaper.

Le sticker. If you want to spruce up your toilet without redoing everything, proceed by touch. The stickers deploy a range of designs: a tree, multicolored balloons, flowers, butterflies, arabesques… Very fashionable, the stickers arty will wake up your toilets. Like the sticker paper, you can change it at will.

Your memories. Once your walls have been repainted, a nice idea is to decorate them, here or there, with your travel photos, an old poster found at flea markets, an old concert ticket, a diploma or even a newspaper article recounting a memorable event. Your memories will bring an atmosphere vintage at the places.

The tiling. It is also possible to cover your walls – entirely or partially – with tiles which have the advantage of being easily washable (see below).

2 – Beautify the floor of your WC

For the floor, it is recommended to choose a covering that is easy to maintainsuch as tiles, PVC or even lino.

The tiling. The techniques have evolved to the point of giving the tiles a very designer look. Back in fashion, cement tiles look great in a toilet. The tiling subway brings an urban and modern note very popular today that is perfect for a small space. The hexagonal pattern reminiscent of honeycombs and floor tiles also goes back to the front of the stage.

Marble. The attraction for this stone seemed definitively extinguished and yet the material is making a comeback. Whether placed on the floor or on the walls, marble weaves a chic and elegant. It is completely in tune with the times when it is associated with contemporary sanitary facilities and furniture.

PVC and linoleum. This coating solution very accessible today combines quality and durability. Like tiling, these products have a wide range of very design : cement tiles, imitation wood, waxed concrete, geometric patterns…

A carpet. Placing a rug on the floor will make the room more warm. A series of canvases and colors, from the most neutral to the most lively, will brighten up your toilet. Be sure to clean it weekly.

3 – Integrate minimalist and designer furniture

The surface of the toilet does not always allow the addition of furniture but if you have the possibility, opt for furniture with lines purified.

The shelves. This type of furniture saves space by freeing up floor space. The shelves dress the walls while serving as support for your decorative items.

Library. The reduced surface area of ​​toilets rarely leaves enough space to install a library. But to always have a book on hand, place a jute basket or a wooden box that will hold magazines and magazines. A functional tip and aesthetic.

Tidying up. To hide cleaning products and toilet paper, a small placard maybe necessary. Suspended or under the basin, the piece of furniture displays an effect retro or very modern, it’s up to you. The use of materials such as raw wood or metal will help create a designer atmosphere.

4 – Take care of the lighting and the accessories of the WC

The lights. Depending on the desired atmosphere, you will play on intensity light with spotlights, suspensions or wall sconces. Old-fashioned or ultra-contemporary lighting will guide the spirit you want to instill in the room.

The sanitary kit. From the toilet paper holder to the toilet brush, including the soap dish and the toothbrush, choose the elements that will harmonize with your décor depending on their composition (glass, metal, wood, polyresin, etc.) and their colours.

A bit of nature. The toilets can very well accommodate green plants to beautify the decor and purify the air. You will place them on the ground or on your storage. Flowers in pots or vases will diffuse freshness and cheerful in your toilet. If the room does not have a window, give preference to artificial models.

A mirror. In a small space like the WC, the interior decoration must be cunning. Whatever its format, a mirror will give the illusion of enlarging the room and will make it brighter. It will be oval, round, rectangular or asymmetric to think outside the box!

5 – Modernize the sanitary equipment of your toilets

A suspended toilet. To be in the trend, the acquisition of suspended toilets is essential. Fixation mural of this bathroom gives an airy atmosphere to the room. In addition, this type of equipment facilitates the washing of the floor because the foot of the toilet no longer represents an obstacle to the mop.

A suspended basin. If the size of your toilet allows it, why not install a wall-mounted or free-standing washbasin? Current models offer dimensions that can fit everywhere. To save space, opt for a washbasin d’angle. A rectangular shape will bring the final touch to your design decor!

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