How to transform and convert your garage into an office ?

Arranging your garage is a simple way to enhance your square meters. While retaining a nice storage space, it then becomes an additional room, large and useful for the whole family.

With the addition of a natural light source, renovated floor and walls as well as thoughtful storage devices, this former storage room is transformed into a real living room! How to proceed ?

Install a bay window

To bring the essential natural light to your future new room – it’s an office, not a cellar! – it is possible, for example, to replace the garage door with a bay window. The latter alone will bring a very high luminosity to the room.

For this type of transformation, it is a priori essential to call on the know-how of professionals: such a made-to-measure window cannot be improvised! Choosing the right one is essential: preferably sliding for practical reasons, its exterior appearance must be in harmony with the facade. A neutral material such as aluminum will lend itself well to this use. And to ensure the safety of the place, a solid and efficient roller shutter can be added. In terms of cost, expect a minimum of €3,000 for a 4×2 meter bay window.

Repaint and renovate

In an accessory room such as the garage, the paints and coatings are often outdated and reduced to their simplest expression! A little sprucing up is the first step to getting off to a good start: repainting the ceiling in white will “refresh” and make it possible to enlarge the space.

On the floor side, forget the old ugly and cold tiles: make way for the coating which, once painted, will bring a touch of modernity. This type of leveling compound, sold ready to use, is a product that is easy and quick to install – counting around 4 kg per square meter. Finally, finish with 2 coats of floor paint. The walls will simply be repainted in the color of the ceiling, for a clean and luminous effect.

Made-to-measure storage

Storage solutions will of course have to be made to measure: unless you cut everything yourself, Ikea stores offer options to compose storage adapted to each space.

Remember to arrange the furniture according to its usefulness: a large built-in cupboard, equipped with numerous drawers and a few large doors, will accommodate tools, spare parts and household effects.

You can choose (or paint) this cupboard in a color identical to that of the floor and/or walls, or in a natural colour: blond wood (oak or cherry) has the effect of “warming up” the plain floors advantageously. Same advice for the office. Personalizing your storage wall is also a way to contrast with the rest of the room: anything goes!

Other possible uses

Here fitted out and rearranged as an office, the garage could just as well have become a guest bedroom, a second entrance or a winter garden (thanks to its French window!); the use of this new room should be determined according to the needs of the family. It can also be a mixed space, alternating concentration and relaxation depending on the time of day. A real “rab” of square meters!

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