How to unclog a shower or sink trap without chemicals ?

Nothing is more annoying than taking a shower with your feet soaking in water that does not flow or does not drain properly. Personally, I can’t stand it, it even disgusts me.

Unclog the shower drain

That being said, it is not at all easy to have access to the shower siphon and to dismantle it: impossible at home, given the configuration of the installation. It’s not like a sink or washbasin where you just have to bend down and remove the trap, as a last resort, to unclog it.

So I asked myself because I had no desire to go and buy the most famous chemical product as an unblocker: certainly, it is undoubtedly effective, but at what cost for the environment and for our health?!… When we see all the warning symbols, there is something to be afraid of: risks of burns, irritation, intoxication, and so on…

Natural products to unclog a shower

I thought back to baking soda, which is often said to do everything, and I looked in a little booklet I have on its strengths. I thus found the recipe to unclog a shower, a washbasin, a sink or a bathtub for example. For this, you need baking soda, coarse salt and white vinegar

Put yourself above the sanitary equipment to prepare your mixture which you will integrate in the order listed above, at the rate of half a glass per ingredient. Be careful, when you pour the white vinegar, a chemical reaction will occur by foaming, which is why you have to be next to your drain to unclog. Pour this mixture immediately into the drain hole.

Leave to act and after 30 minutes, pour a pot of boiling water, then run hot water, and normally everything drains perfectly well because the clogs of residue (hair, soap) have been destroyed by the action of the baking soda, salt and vinegar mixture.

You should also know that from time to time, you can pour a little coffee grounds into your pipes by running hot water: it prevents grease from adhering and therefore contributing to clogging the drain.

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