Make a humidity diagnosis of an at home : explanations and prices

Treating the humidity that invades your home is essential, both for its structure and for you. But before undertaking any work, have a humidity diagnosis carried out by a professional.

When and why carry out a humidity diagnosis?

If you detect the presence of water, mold or traces of humidity in your home, you are strongly advised to act as quickly as possible to remedy it. Indeed, when moisture is visible, it means that water has been present for much longer in the heart of the structure of your home.

Humidity causes damage that is sometimes very deep and difficult to treat, but it also has important consequences for your health, which is why it is important to intervene appropriately. Do not embark on any work without really knowing what is going on, you risk exhausting yourself for nothing, or even making the situation worse. To effectively treat humidity, it is above all necessary to act at the source, and for this, it is advisable to carry out a humidity diagnosis.

What is the humidity diagnosis?

Measure the humidity level

The professional comes to your home to measure the humidity level using a moisture meter. This device detects this anomaly based on the modification of the physical and chemical properties of matter.

These data are useful, because they make it possible to target the affected area, to quantify the humidity rate, but also to constitute a solid basis of analysis for the expert.

If necessary, the professional can deepen the measurements taken by taking a sample from the surface concerned.

Data analysis

Following these measurements and his visual observation, the professional reports his conclusions to you. It generally presents the risks to which you expose your family, your property and your home. He then explains to you what he has observed, what is the identified source, how to remedy it and what work needs to be done to resolve this nuisance.

The professional will give you a precise report detailing the measurements taken, the observation made and the recommendations he recommends to remedy them.

Note that you are under no obligation to have the work recommended by the company that carried out your diagnosis carried out. However, you are advised to act quickly so as not to aggravate the phenomenon. Don’t hesitate to get quotes from different professionals. Fix the problem at its source and don’t simply try to hide it, otherwise you will spend unnecessary and repeated sums on renovations.

How much does a humidity diagnosis cost?

The price of a humidity diagnosis varies according to the surface to be analyzed, according to the prices charged by the professional and according to the regions.

If you go through an independent company, the diagnosis will be billed to you between 300 and 800 euros on average.

You are free to turn to certain companies that offer free diagnostics. On the other hand, be aware that these professionals generally require that you let them carry out the necessary work. In this case, be vigilant because some will not hesitate to undertake unnecessary work or inflate prices.

This type of work is generally localized. If you intervene quickly, it is rare to have to redo entire walls. Be careful when choosing the service provider, and have a diagnosis carried out to be sure of your real needs.

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