The ideal parental suite our ideas to design it well

The parental suite is a term that designates the fact of designing a space in the house that brings together the parents’ bedroom, their bathroom and their dressing room in the same space. For parents who appreciate keeping their privacy and tranquility away from the family, it is ideal. You still need to have enough space… When you move into a house that doesn’t have one, you may be tempted to create one. And this may require designing an additional bathroom. Once the surface dedicated to the project has been validated, how to arrange the volumes? Here are our ideas for properly designing your master suite.

What minimum surface for a parental suite?

12 m² is the minimum area for a single master bedroom.

A small bathroom requires the minimum area of ​​3 m².

For a dressing area, which is a separate space from a simple closet, a minimum area of ​​3.50 m² is required.

By adding these different surfaces, we obtain the minimum total area of 18.50 m² to design a parental suite.

Adapt your desires to the configuration of the premises

Who says bathroom, says water evacuation. If there is a drainage system nearby, it will not be too expensive to connect the elements of the bathroom to it (shower or bathtub, sink). Some may even be able to simply decompartmentalize the adjoining bathroom, just as one decompartmentalizes the kitchen. In the case of a creation of water evacuation, the price can be high.

Given the presence of water points, the installation of a good VMC will be needed.

If your parental suite is placed upstairs and you plan to install a bathtub there, it will be important to calculate the weight that the floor can support. A small bathtub with one person in it can weigh nearly 250 kg spread over just over one square meter. If you have any doubts, it is best to seek the advice of an architect.

Questions to ask yourself before the parental suite project

To articulate the three spaces of the parental suite (bathroom, bedroom and dressing room), you have to ask yourself about your uses, understand how your couple currently uses these different spaces, at what times of the day and according to which circulations.

Would you like to keep theprivacy of each member of the couple when they are in the shower or the bathtub? This will direct the master suite project towards a layout with partitioning. Do you envision a completely open space, without any separation?

If you prefer partitioning, how are the sources of light and ventilation distributed?

Do you want to keep more space for circulate around the bed, or favor the space dedicated to the bathroom or that dedicated to the dressing room?

Will it be better to place the dressing area near the bathroom or near the bed?

A fully open master suite

This solution is suitable for couples in which people are not attached to their own intimacy.

Furthermore, the rhythms of life of each member of the couple must be synchronous, otherwise the noises of the one occupying the bathroom part may disturb the one who is still sleeping.

The advantages of sliding doors

Sliding doors are the ideal solution for couples who do not want to choose between intimacy and openness, between noise attenuation and communication. Doors of this type allow a modular use spaces, a quick organization of spaces, according to desires and needs.

The fixed partition to open without closing

The fixed partition does not completely isolate the spaces from each other, because without it we would no longer speak of a parental suite. The fixed partition will be favored to attenuate noise from the bathroom part and preserve the sleeping area, while allowing light to pass through, through a set of glazing and transparency. This type of partition prevents any modularity of spaces, but it may be suitable for couples wishing to keep spatial landmarks in the organization of the parental suite.

Decorate the master suite

In all cases of development, you have the choice between:

  • install the same atmosphere throughout the space,
  • emphasize the different parts of the suite with a play of colors and shapes.

Remember that the coating of the walls and that of the floor of the bathroom will have to be adapted to contact with water.

In such a context, the bathtub can become a decorative element in its own right, placed on the floor, isolated from the walls. In the case of open parental suites or with modular partitioning, the choice of a coordinated between the bed, the furniture in the bathroom part and the dressing room will create a beautiful overall effect.

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