Induction hob: which socket to install?

If you plan to install an induction hob in your kitchen, be aware that you will need to bring your electrical installation into compliance. Indeed, these devices need specific power outlets to operate properly given the technology they use. Let’s take stock to help you see more clearly and to better support you in your installation.

How does an induction hob work?

In its purely visual aspect, the induction hob resembles the ceramic hob. However, this hob does not use the same technology. This recent method of cooking uses induction to heat a container and its contents.

To do this, the induction hob must be connected to your electrical installation. When you turn it on, the electric current feeds it and reaches the coil which is located under the various heating points present on the plate. However, when the electric current passes through it, the coil creates a magnetic field which, itself, induces electric fields on the metal surface of the containers that are your pans, saucepans, sauté pans and other containers placed. It is the circulation of the electric current which will lead to the heating of the containers and their contents. This specificity is the reason why the induction hob does not support all types of dishes. It is indeed imperative, for the field to be created and for the heating to take place, to invest in containers compatible with this technology.

If it has become so popular so quickly, it is because the induction hob has many advantages. It offers a cooking quality similar to that of gas, without the risk of explosion. It is also very easy to clean. Moreover, its surface never exceeds 60°C, which allows it to be used without risk of burning. In addition, the induction hob does not experience any phenomenon of inertia unlike vitroceramic or electric hobs. As soon as the container is lifted from the plate, the magnetic field breaks and the current is no longer transferred. As a result, the heating is immediately interrupted. Finally, it is a reliable and very fast device for cooking. If it requires energy to operate, it is able to distribute it intelligently to allow you to make very significant savings compared to other cooking methods!

Which outlet should I install for an induction hob?

The power outlet for your induction hob depends on the model chosen.

The mobile induction hob

A mobile induction hob is a self-contained appliance with its own electrical cord and electrical plugs. It can be plugged into a standard household outlet. It is indeed a device that plugs and unplugs like any other.

The built-in induction hob

These models are the most common and are the ones that generally equip kitchens by fitting directly into the pre-cut worktop for this purpose. In this case, the induction hob does not have a plug, but an electric cord without end. Therefore, you need to install a cable outlet for the cord connection.

A cable outlet is a permanent appliance device, as it does not allow regular plugging and unplugging. It is a permanent installation that evokes a wall plate whose dimensions are those of a classic socket. Simply disassemble the front plate to access the electrical cables and plug in the cord of the induction hob with terminal strips or dominoes before putting the front plate back in place.

An induction hob is subject to standards, in particular the NF C 15-100 standard relating to electrical installations in residential premises. Consequently, you should know that the induction hob cannot be installed anyhow. The regulations in force stipulate that these devices must have a dedicated electrical circuit and be connected to a specialized outlet of 32 amps maximum. An electrical circuit applies to an induction plate and cannot be used for another purpose or for the installation of a second plate.

Still within the framework of the NF C 15-100 standard, a type A differential switch must be installed at the head of the plate circuit, on the home’s electricity meter. In addition, the wires of the induction hob must have a minimum section of 6 mm².

For your safety, do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional for the installation of your induction hob.

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