Inground pool: 6 mistakes to avoid!

Many things can go wrong when building a swimming pool. Planning in detail and then carrying out the work as conscientiously as possible are two essential steps. Those who skip the steps and go too fast in the realization may later regret it insofar as it is not necessarily easy to correct large-scale errors, unless sometimes they have the budget. Parry any mistakes. And to start here are the ones that are most often made. So that you can avoid them.

1 – Choosing the wrong location for your pool

What is the nature of your (sub)soil? What are the climatic conditions? These are two overriding questions that you need to answer first. If you tell yourself that any type of terrain will do, you are completely wrong. If the soil is adequate, you can easily dig it: the earth is easily removed. Next, you need to make sure that once the soil is removed, your soil is stable enough. If not, how can the materials placed remain stable? Because you may very well find yourself facing very soft ground that sags over time or you may come across very large stones that you will have a hard time extracting. Therefore, think before you start building your pool: a proper pool location saves time (and stress) and, ideally, a lot of money. If you want to build your pool in an unsuitable place, this can probably be considered if you are fully aware of it. But you will probably need special equipment.

2 – Neglecting the environment of your swimming pool

When choosing your pool location, wind, weather, sunshine, your habits play a role. But all the immediate environment too. Do you really want to be annoyed by nearby plants? It doesn’t take much for tree branches and leaves to fall into the pond when the wind blows. Of course, this also applies to leaves and flowers, which you don’t want to have in the pool all the time, as they quickly contaminate the water. After all, enough bugs will fall into your pool, you don’t need the twigs and leaves!

3 – Not finding out about the regulations in force

Do you need to submit a building permit for your swimming pool? Is there a minimum distance to respect in relation to the neighborhood? Find out about the regulations in force. The decisive factor is usually the size of the pool, i.e. the contents of the pool in cubic meters. Even if no permit is required, building regulations and distance limits must be respected. In most cases, a construction report and a completion report are still required. Since the locally applicable regulations can be confusing, it makes sense in any case to contact your municipality. She will inform you of the restrictions and points to consider and respect. Depending on the size of your pool, a prior declaration or a building permit may be required.

4 – Missing out on security

Having your own swimming pool in the garden is great fun. But besides all the fun, it should be remembered that it can also be a source of danger – especially for children. It is therefore strongly recommended to take precautions to improve security. As great as the joy of having your own swimming pool might be, it could soon come to an abrupt end. Because a swimming pool can also have a dark side in the event of an accident. Better to equip yourself and be very careful. You absolutely must equip yourself with a barrier.

5 – Not taking the time to study quotes

If you plan to build an inground pool, you are aware that it will have a certain cost. It is therefore important to take into account all the quote points that you may have requested. Make sure of the expertise of the chosen professional, be sure that he or she uses quality materials and discuss after-sales service. Not only do you have to have complete confidence during the service, but also afterwards if there is the slightest problem. It is also up to your craftsman to ensure that the legal standards are properly applied. It is therefore understood that you must first find out about the prices but also be sure of everything that is offered to you. Take the time to exchange, to talk before having any unpleasant surprises.

6 – Do not take the time for a final check

The construction site of a swimming pool is often long. He can sometimes even play extra time. So that when we think it’s over, we just want to swim, swim and swim again. In short, take advantage of it! However, it is better to take the time to observe if all the points are as they should be. Before affixing your signature on the contract of end of works, delivery of the site, go around everything you need to see. Check the construction of your swimming pool, make an inventory and review with the professional who worked on the site all the equipment and everything that will be used for the use of your swimming pool. Then once the end of the construction site has really been completed, finally dive into the blue water of your swimming pool and enjoy!

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