Installing a hand-washer in the toilet: which one to choose?

Put a washbasin in the toilet is essential to add to the comfort of the dwelling. But this room is rarely spacious, so it is necessary to choose a suitable model of hand basin in order to reduce clutter. Let’s find out about the different models of washbasins offered today and what are the main selection criteria to take into account so that this mini WC washbasin fits perfectly into the layout of the premises.

The different models of washbasins for toilets

Thanks to the genius of the manufacturers, the washbasin is available in a wide range allowing each of us to find the one that best suits his WC. We can therefore find:

  • The separate washbasin in different shapes,
  • The corner washbasin,
  • The integrated washbasin.

To choose, it is recommended to take into account the surface and some form from pièce. Thereby :

  • In piece in lengththe rectangular hand basin to be placed against a wall is the one that fits best in this type of configuration.
  • In square piecewe opt for a corner washbasin who knows how to be forgotten.
  • In a WC area of ​​a extreme crampednessthe ideal is to set your sights on the integrated washbasin. Placed above the flush, it takes up absolutely no space. You can also appreciate its green side since the water used for hand washing is directly evacuated into the cistern. Smart no?

People lacking inspiration can seek advice from an interior design professional who will be able to guide them to the washbasin best suited to their toilets.

Washbasin for toilets: which material to choose?

Once the shape has been chosen, it is also necessary to consider the material of the washbasin. It could be :

  • From synthetic resin : this trendy composite material offers a wide range of colours. We like the softness of the resin to the touch, its modern appearance and its ease of maintenance. Be careful however, cleaning the resin involves the use of a non-abrasive sponge or a microfiber cloth.
  • From glass : screen-printed, coloured, sandblasted, clear, frosted… it offers all the possibilities in terms of interior decoration. Glass is a material that must be maintained very regularly in order to appreciate its great brilliance over the long term.
  • From ceramic : it is a beautiful material, very resistant, quite heavy, easy to maintain. The ceramic washbasin is available in multiple tones.

Ideally, we opt for a model that blends perfectly with the rest of the equipment in the room.

Pedestal washbasin and wall-hung washbasin for WCs

The pedestal hand basin is the one suitable for a floor drain. But many models of hand basins are available in a suspended version. It’s very refined, aesthetic, and it uses as little space as possible in the toilet. L’evacuation waste water is mural and the pipes are hidden in a support frame. In this category we find a nice range of products such as the wall-hung washbasin without cabinet and the wall-hung washbasin cabinet. The latter is therefore decorated with a storage space under the basin.

Whichever model is chosen, with a washbasin in the WC, there is no longer any question of going to the bathroom to comply with basic hygiene practices. It’s really very practical.

A washbasin with storage to optimize space in the WC

If you opt for a hand basin alone, it is extremely wise to place under the basin a small piece of furniture designed for this type of configuration. Shallow, the vanity unit for WC hides the not very aesthetic piping and also incorporates a part equipped with small shelves, sometimes with a drawer. Some models are closed by a door which makes it possible to keep the hygiene products stored there out of sight, and to obtain a perfectly ordered effect.

well what of small footprintces storage units to put under the washbasin of the toilets are very practical to accommodate hygiene products, small towels, an air freshener and a few rolls of toilet paper. In any case, they have the merit of doing gain some ground and have everything to satisfy storage lovers.

The washbasin unit brings a decorative touch to the toilet since it is available in various materials and many colours.

Choosing the right faucet for a WC washbasin

You still need a tap to be able to use your hand basin! The choice must be made on a faucet that takes up little space. Of course, we make sure to buy a model suitable for installationi.e. with simply a cold water inlet or with a cold and hot water supply.

The small washbasin tap

With its hole diameter of 26 mm, it is not not bulky and is quite suitable for a small toilet hand basin. This is the basic model to install for a cold water supply only.

For hot and cold water, the choice is more important since in this category, we find for example:

The mixer for hand basin or mini washbasin

It is convenient because the water is quickly dispensed at the desired temperature.

The infrared mixer for the hand basin of the WC

This is the model ultra hygienic to be installed preferably in the WC since its triggering is done without contact. It is thanks to his infrared detector that the water flows as soon as you bring your hands close to the mixer tap. It also saves water, which ranks it among the sanitary equipment to be preferred. Note that this model of infrared hand wash also exists for a simple cold water inlet.

Once the shopping is finished, all that remains is to put the washbasin in the toilets as well as the taps and the vanity unit. That’s no small feat for non-do-it-yourselfers. And without experience, risk of leaks are real. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises and having to pay a substantial sum to have it repaired, it is better call a professional like an artisan plumber to entrust him with all this installation. Do not hesitate to request multiple quotes passing through a online comparator. It should be noted that these professionals can only carry out the installation or install and supply the hand basin, the tap and the small storage unit according to the wishes of their client.

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