Installing a Velux roof window: regulations advice prices and quotes

Do you want to install a Velux type roof window? This solution is ideal for bringing more light into certain dark areas of the house or to light up a new room created in the attic.

To better support you in the realization of your project, we present the regulations in force for the installation of this type of opening. In addition, we provide you with our expert advice and we detail the prices of the different window models to help you make the right choice.

What are the current regulations for installing a roof window?

Urban planning and neighborhood regulations

Installing a roof window may seem simple and innocuous. However, the regulations regarding openness are strict. You are required to make a prior declaration of work to the town hall of your municipality, unless you are replacing an existing roof window and respecting scrupulously identical dimensions and aesthetics.

If your new roof window will create a new room within your home, you will need planning permission, provided the room is larger than 20m².

If you live near a historic monument or a listed site, you will be subject to certain obligations regarding the choice of your window model. Always remember to consult the planning services of your municipality in order to know the regulations in force. Indeed, in the event that you do not respect this, you expose yourself to the risk of a fine and the obligation to redo other work to restore compliance at your expense. In the case of a co-ownership, you are also required to inform the trustee of your accommodation, the roof being one of the common areas.

Finally, the installation of a roof window must respect the neighborhood. In the event of vis-à-vis, you will be required to maintain a distance of at least 1.90 meters from the limit of your neighbors’ property, unless your roof window is opaque, if it does not have a no opening or if it overlooks a wall or a public building. In case of non-respect of the private life of your neighborhood, this one can demand the condemnation of your new opening.

Energy performance regulations

In view of government concerns in terms of energy performance, it is now recommended that the installation of new roof windows meet high standards in terms of insulation and sealing in order to reduce heat loss. Consequently, it is advisable to invest in models that comply with the CE standards of the European Community and are equipped with at least double glazing.

What budget should I plan for the installation of a roof window?

The budget that you will need to consider for the installation of your roof window depends on the model you wish to install, its size, its opening method and its quality, but also on the prices charged by the professional who is responsible for of posing.

The cost of installing a side opening roof window

This type of window, also called skylight, opens laterally like a classic window thanks to hinges placed on its long side. These models are those that offer the largest glazed surface and that allow easy access to a fitted roof thanks to their complete opening. On the other hand, their opening is necessarily manual.

This type of window in standard format costs between 120 and 300 euros depending on its size.

The cost of installing a projection opening window

This model of roof window opens by means of hinges, like the side-opening model, with the difference that these are placed on its upper side. Simple to open and close, this type of opening takes up no space inside the room since it tilts entirely outwards with an amplitude of 15 to 55°. Easy to install, it lets in plenty of light.

This model in standard format is invoiced between 75 and 750 euros approximately.

The price of installing a roof window with rotation opening

The pivot opening roof window is equipped with an axis placed at half or ¾ of its length. This allows the window to tilt to open or close it, according to an amplitude varying between 15 and 90°. Unlike the projection opening, this window takes up a little space inside the room when it is open. The view is hindered and the passage of light is slightly reduced.

For this model in standard format, plan a budget of 120 to 1,700 euros depending on the model chosen.

The cost of installation practiced by professionals

It is possible to install a roof window yourself. However, given the great complexity of such a task, it is advisable to call on a professional. Don’t forget that the roof is a part of the house that is particularly exposed to bad weather; the slightest mistake can cause significant irreversible damage to your home. Installing a roof window requires cutting the entire thickness of the roof to the exact dimensions required, which is complex and requires special tools.

For the installation of a roof window alone, a professional will charge you between 200 and 1,000 euros. This cost varies according to the complexity of the work and the arrangements to be made, as well as your region of residence.

Standard window model, comfort, all comfort? What to choose ?

The large difference in price variation for each model of roof window is explained by the quality that each model can take on. Indeed, a distinction is made between standard, comfort and all-comfort windows. From one category to another, there is an evolution in the quality of insulation, thermal efficiency and safety functions.

The standard roof window: the entry level

The standard model is usually equipped with double glazing with a thickness of 24 mm. Its insulation is essentially effective against the cold, its thermal classification being rated A.

Its cost corresponds to the entry level and presents a satisfactory quality/price ratio.

The comfort roof window: the mid-range

The comfort model has laminated double glazing with a thickness of 25 mm. Its thermal insulation is effective against cold and heat in all seasons, its thermal classification being A+.

It costs on average 35% more than standard models and offers a very satisfactory quality/price ratio.

The comfortable roof window: the top of the range

This type of roof window is equipped with 27 mm thick laminated double glazing which offers excellent thermal insulation in all seasons against cold and heat, for a thermal classification rated A+. Its great sound insulation also reduces the noise of the rain by two. It is also more resistant to break-in attempts and allows real energy savings.

This type of roof window costs around 25% more than comfort models and nearly 65% ​​more than standard models.

Manual, electric or solar opening? Which solution to choose?

The choice of your roof window also involves its mode of opening. The more comfort you want, the higher the price will be.

Manual opening

Manual opening roof windows are among the cheapest on the market. This type of opening is possible on all window models, but it can sometimes prove to be impractical. It all depends on the access to your opening, its height and your personal mobility. It is advisable to reserve it for windows that are easily accessible, light and can be opened without effort. However, there are pole systems to operate a roof window placed high up.

Electric motorized opening

This solution is ideal when your roof window is located at a great height, at least out of your reach. A discreet electric motor operated by remote control manages the opening and closing of the skylight. Options are possible to program, for example, automatic closing in the event of strong winds or rain. On the other hand, it costs much more than a manual opening. Indeed, plan 25 to 35% more on your bill.

The solar motorized opening

This model is powered by a motor powered by a photovoltaic cell placed outside your home. This captures solar energy and allows you to open and close your window without impacting your electricity bill! However, if this investment is interesting in the long term, it costs you almost 30% more to purchase than an electric model.

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