Example of a bathroom renovation

As we know, women are flirtatious, they like to make themselves beautiful, relax with beauty treatments, buy cosmetics, relax with massages, skin scrubs… As a result, the piece they love probably the most is certainly the bathroom, and not the kitchen contrary to what some “machos” might have expected me to write! Bathroom … Read more

Ventilation of a bathroom: an imperative how to envisage solutions?

A bathroom is a wet room since it contains several water points and is used for washing. However, the ambient humidity generated must be evacuated by good ventilation, otherwise it will settle on the surfaces, form condensation and develop traces of humidity and mould. Let’s discover together the possible solutions to properly ventilate your bathroom. … Read more

Bathroom ventilation: which one to choose?

Choosing your bathroom VMC can be complicated because there are different models. However, we do not miss this purchase, the Controlled mechanical ventilation preserving the building and allowing the occupants of a dwelling to benefit from healthier indoor air. Since the VMC bathroom considerably reduces the humidity level, it preserve health some people, good condition … Read more

Bathroom in a bedroom: 6 design tips

Opting for the parental suite has become the fashionable solution for the layout of the parents’ bedroom, even for some teenagers who want their independence. It must be said that having a personal space dedicated to your sleep and hygiene is particularly comfortable. On the other hand, this comfort is only accessible insofar as one … Read more