Choosing between sectional overhead and roll-up garage doors

Whether your project is to replace an old garage door or to choose one for your new home, in both cases, it must meet three requirements, which are: practicality, safety and aesthetics. Tilting, rolling or sectional… Which model is right for you? The sectional garage door The sectional garage door opens vertically, to be positioned … Read more

How to store bicycles in the garage?

You can quickly be annoyed to see the bikes lying around in the garage and taking up much more floor space than necessary. There are so many things to store in this space that bikes can become very bulky. In addition, placed against common sense, even lying on the ground or leaning against a table, … Read more

Raw waxed or tiled concrete for your garage? Advantages and disadvantages

Concrete against tiles, the match promises to be difficult! How to choose when faced with these two resistant materials? Do you opt for concrete, whether raw or waxed – knowing that concrete is now very trendy and is no longer reserved for factories or the surfacing of certain roads? Or do you choose tiles instead … Read more

Garage lighting: 8 mistakes to avoid!

As soon as you approach the question of building a garage or a carport, you must ask yourself the question of its lighting, whether indoors or outdoors. Because if not, imagine: it’s autumn or winter, it gets dark early and there’s fog… Can you imagine what’s next? Sometimes accidents happen at home. If the lighting … Read more