What is the ideal size for a toilet?

We may call this place the little corner, but there is no question of making it too cramped. Before’build toilets at home, it is therefore very important to find out about the minimum dimensions to be respected. And if these toilets must be used by a person with a disability, it is better to find … Read more

Installing a suspended toilet: pros and cons

The Wall hung toilets are now the must-haves in terms ofsanitary arrangement, in a new house as in the old one. In addition to their aesthetics and their ease of maintenance, they have many other advantages. Their advantages are in any case much more numerous than their disadvantages which it is however useful to know … Read more

Storage in the bathroom: 6 tips to save space

The room reserved for the toilets is rarely spacious. Nevertheless, with a little ingenuity, it can be perfectly arranged to save space, even a lot of space. Here is six tips for optimizing toilets without the space on the ground being cluttered and this place of comfort is nevertheless ultra decorative. 1 – Use the … Read more

What color for the walls of the toilet?

The toilets are a room in their own right which deserves, like the others, a neat decoration. In addition to optimizing the space of the toilets for an appreciable space saving, we try to choose for the walls a color allowing tovisually enlarge the room and bring him a beautiful light. Zoom on the colors … Read more

Installing a Japanese toilet: what are the particularities? Pros and cons

Japan oscillates between two sides: ultra-modern technology, rapid development, astonishing innovations and incredible scientific advances. On the other hand, a rich cultural background, a tradition dating back several millennia. It is a country steeped in history. What are the particularities of Japanese toilets? What sets it apart from other countries in the world are, among … Read more