IPN beam: definition different materials installation price

An IPN beam is a material used to support a construction, to maintain a ceiling, to support a floor, or to replace a load-bearing wall. It is also used in renovation works. Some architects or individuals use them as a decorative element, in interior design.

What is an IPN beam?

An IPN beam is a joist that is mostly made of steel. The acronym IPN stands for I à Profil Normalisé, the capital letter i here designates the shape of the I-beam. An IPN beam with inclined flanges is designed with slopes of 14% towards the edges. The difference between an IPN beam and IPE or European Profile I beam is that the flanges of the IPE beam are not inclined. IPN beams can be used in vertical and horizontal construction.

An IPN beam is an essential element for work on ceilings, walls and floors. In addition, the IPN beam also makes it possible to support a significant weight in order to avoid any risk of collapse.

Different materials of IPN beams

There are several types of IPN beams on the construction market, namely: steel, wooden, glass, iron and stainless steel IPNs.

The selection of joists depends entirely on the type of work you wish to undertake. For example, wooden IPN beams are the most used in carpentry to replace the floor, renovate a terrace and in interior design in general.

IPN steel beams are the most used in large constructions because of their capacity to resist and to be able to support a heavy load.

Glass IPN beams, on the other hand, are transparent, they allow light to pass through and also support heavy loads. They are ideal for the construction of a veranda for example, but are reserved for high-end constructions

The dimensions of a joist are standardized. On the other hand, the height varies from 80mm or IPN 80 to 600mm or IPN 600. In interior fittings in particular, the height is 200 mn (IPN 200) with an identical section. As an indication, the height of the section of the IPN beam corresponds to twice its width.

The prices of IPN beams

To give you an idea of ​​price, first of all, the price depends on the width, height and density of the IPN beam. So, clearly define the type of construction you intend to achieve.

The price also varies according to the material of the IPN beam: steel, wood or stainless steel. However, the price difference is mainly due to the weight of the beam. For the purchase of an IPN beam, the price ranges from 10 to 300 euros per linear meter.

  • For an IPN steel beam, the price is around 15 euros per linear meter.
  • For a wooden IPN beam, it takes around 10 to 20 euros.
  • For a stainless steel and glass IPN beam, prices vary depending on the supplier. However, glass IPN beams are more expensive than others.

Price of laying IPN beams in the house by a professional

The price of installation of IPN beams by a professional within your home meets several criteria that we invite you to discover.

Factors likely to influence the price of the IPN beam and its installation

The choice of an IPN beam model is made according to the work to be carried out, each material having its own price. Here are the criteria likely to make it evolve:

  • The thickness and dimensions of the IPN beam
  • The density of the beam
  • Its strength and bearing capacity
  • His subject
  • His weight
  • The installation prices charged by the professional
  • The geographical area of ​​the site
  • Site accessibility constraints

To better assess your budget, do not hesitate to make free estimates from qualified craftsmen.

What is the cost of installing IPN beams by a professional?

The installation of an IPN beam is particularly difficult due to its weight, its complex maneuverability and the safety conditions it requires. The gesture is not difficult in itself, but its realization is not simple and its consequences can be disastrous in the event of poor workmanship. Hiring a professional mason is the best solution. This one has indeed an essential know-how, a certain experience and the adequate tools. However, as we have seen, the prices charged for this type of intervention can vary greatly.

However, for the installation of an IPN beam, count on average between 40 euros and 50 euros per hour worked.

How to find a good craftsman for the installation of IPN beams?

Even if the costs are higher, it is strongly recommended that you contact a mason for the installation of your IPN beams. To do this, make several quotes online or directly from qualified professionals. Free and without obligation, they allow you to evaluate the services according to the amount charged by the professionals. Ask for detailed quotes to ensure the various elements included in the service; you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Indeed, some financially advantageous quotes really offer you only a few things and you find yourself having to add expensive options for a complete service!

The price is one thing, but above all make sure you hire a qualified and competent professional. It would be a shame to find yourself with a poorly carried out site under the pretext of wanting to save money! This is rarely to your advantage. Do not hesitate to ask the professionals to visit some of their sites and meet former clients; you have every right to do so and this allows you to see the quality of the work carried out by the craftsmen.

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