Is a credenza useful for a kitchen? What are the alternatives?

When you think about it, there is a lot of space between the worktop and the wall units in a kitchen. How about a cute kitchen splashback that serves to protect your wall from spills and stains? Many materials are available, most of them easy to maintain. Is it useful? Are there other ways to be creative: what are the alternatives?

What to do between your work plan and your wall cupboards? There is a gap well known to cooks, a section of wall where when cooking and washing up, it is not uncommon for water, oil and other liquids to splash. In this case, a special wall called a credenza is installed there. It is both something very practical because it is easy to maintain, but it is also a point that catches the eye visually. It’s a good element to play the design card: have fun!

The usefulness of a splashback in every kitchen

Your tomato sauce begins to boil and leaves fine red streaks around your griddle, while you struggle to avoid grease splatters when searing your meat. And when you drain the water from the pasta, there is also the risk that the hot water will splash out again. In short, preparing spaghetti Bolognese rhymes with installing a credenza to ward off any splashes. Because, depending on how your kitchen is designed, the subsequent cleaning can take a long time and in the worst case you won’t even clean certain areas completely anymore! An excellent solution in this case is therefore a suitable covering for this famous rear wall of your kitchen: the splashback. Equip the area behind your hob and sink so you can easily clean them. In addition to the practical side, you will see that a credenza fulfills an aesthetic function. Which means a splashback is really useful for any kitchen so cover your whole wall between your worktop and your wall units.

Kitchen splashbacks: endless possibilities

When we think of a backsplash installation, we often imagine a fairly classic tiled area that is easy to clean. However, this is just one of many ways to protect this area from splashes. Many kitchen manufacturers have continuously developed and improved kitchen splashbacks in recent years, so that today you can choose from many materials, designs and patterns. It’s very simple, the choice of options for kitchen splashbacks is just as varied as the choice of kitchen fronts. And you don’t have to limit yourself to the part between the worktop and your wall units or the sink and what’s above. You can play the decoration card and cover an entire wall, see some other parts to create a harmonious kitchen. To create this consistency, take inspiration from design ideas found in magazines or on decoration sites.

Glass splashback

If you have chosen your kitchen of shiny materials, it is quite modern because of its clear lines, then choosing a glass splashback is an excellent choice. Due to the material, the splashback is made in one piece, which visually enlarges your room. You can opt for completely translucent glass or a little more opaque. You have the possibility if you wish to decorate your credenza by sliding photos behind the glass wall. Acrylic or plexiglass can be cheap alternatives to glass, however, these two materials are not as heat and scratch resistant as real glass. Why not install a mirrored glass splashback, which in addition to being trendy, also makes your kitchen look even bigger.

Stainless steel splashback

If you think about it, fine dining restaurants are where you find metal splashbacks. But more and more, this type of coating is used in our homes. It gives every kitchen an elegant look and confirms the timeless appearance of modern designer kitchens. The heat-resistant stainless steel is characterized by a water- and grease-resistant surface, so that it can be cleaned in no time. However, streaks, scratches or fingerprints on the stainless steel surfaces are immediately visible, which makes the maintenance effort relatively high.

Splashback of the same material as your worktop

If you want a particularly harmonious look for your kitchen, simply have the splashback made from the same material as your worktop. Plastic, stone and wood are particularly popular in this case. Kitchen splashbacks made of worktop material give modern kitchens as well as more ‘rustic’ style kitchens a simple and natural look. Create an interesting contrast by choosing the same material for the worktop and your splashback, but different colours.

Patterned splashback

A credenza with patterns is currently very trendy. There are a wide variety of fantastic designs to choose from to accent your kitchen splashback. Whether typical kitchen designs, mosaic-like decors or industrial-looking designs – the decors are an eye-catcher in every fitted kitchen, that’s undeniable. The other side of the coin is that you have to be sure not to get tired of a pattern that is too busy or too original.

Accessorized credenza

You don’t want to spend hours looking for salt or pepper or a ladle at the bottom of the drawer, opt for an installation that offers you everything at your fingertips and have a system installed that allows you to have the utensils the most common ones closest to you. Spice racks, kitchen roll holders, bottle holders… Even additional hooks allow you to conveniently hang a whisk, a wooden spoon or a spatula, while special magnetic boards can be used as very practical knife holders .

Credenza for memos, messages, recipes and more

Kitchen splashbacks are not only practical and aesthetic, they also represent a surface to be exploited: you can slip in a memo, a message, an appointment or your favorite recipe. These chalkboard paint coated credenzas are growing in popularity. Write down the next birthdays to wish for so you don’t forget them!

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