Is thermal weeding really effective? How to choose a weed wacker ?

Thermal weeding is on the rise because it allowseliminate weedsthese famous very invasive “weeds”, without any chemicals. More and more amateur gardeners are opting for this solution, but also many organic market gardeners. That is to say if this weeding technique is effective. However, it requires respecting certain principles. Let’s take stock of the usefulness of buying a thermal weeder sometimes called a weed burner and how to determine your choice.

Principle of thermal weeding

This technique consists of heat shock the weeds since the weeder releases a very high temperature (at least 600°C) below which the plant cells burst. After a few days, the aerial parts as well as the roots of the plants subjected to the thermal weeder dry out and the plants die because the effect is also effective in depth, up to a good ten centimeters underground. When the use of a weed burner or thermal weeder is carried out according to the rules of the art, we can see the total drying of the plant concerned. after 3 days.

We note that the grass-burner also makes it possible to destroy sprouted seeds undesirable herbs provided that the heat treatment is not repeated two weeks later, otherwise they have every chance of reappearing.

Effectiveness of thermal weed control

We can not appreciate all theefficiency of a thermal weeder only if the weeds are exposed to the heat radiated by the device for only a few seconds.

In this way, their cells burst. The mistake that many people make is to prolong this heat exposure well beyond this duration. As a result, the plants burn only partially, and all the parts that remained intact are reborn after healing. As paradoxical as it may seem, exposing a weed to the very high temperature of the thermal weeder for too long chars it, but this is much less effective than subjecting it to a thermal shock for a very short period of time.

By logic, thermal weeding is very effective on young weed seedlings. Large weeds that have been given time to develop well are very tough. This requires several thermal weeding sessionsspaced from each other by a few days, but these successive hot spells eventually overcome it.

Be careful to target the weeds to be eliminated. You have to be careful if you want to use a thermal weeder in a bed or in the vegetable garden, which requires buying the appropriate model. If you are not careful, you risk ravaging dahlias, sage, tomato plants, lettuce, green beans, parsley and other vegetable garden products. For an impeccable result and without causing damage to the plantations, unless you demonstrate unparalleled rigor and use an adequate weed burner allowing the weeds to be treated with extreme precision, it is therefore better to limit thermal weeding to grassto garden paths and to borders when weeds appear.

The different thermal weeder models

For optimum results, it is recommended to carry out thermal weeding at least twice a year, in spring and autumn, whatever model of grass burner you have. Indeed, the thermal weeder can be electric or gas.

People who wish to make this type of purchase are sometimes perplexed and hesitate before a section devoted to these different devices, not knowing exactly which model to choose. Here are the main indications to know about the specificities of each.

The electric thermal weeder

This device simply plugs into the mains. We appreciate :

  • Its lightness,
  • Its ergonomic design,
  • Its handling,
  • Its small size,
  • Operation without the need to purchase consumables,
  • The fact that it does not produce a flame,
  • The diffused heat of the order of 625°C,
  • Its affordable price.

The electric weed burner is particularly suitable for small areas to weed. It is therefore the thermal weeding device to adopt if you have a moderately sized garden. However, it should be noted that it should not be used in rainy weather. Before using it, it is imperative to read the instructions carefully.

Gas thermal weeder

The gas weed burner has the following special features:

  • No need to connect it to the mains (therefore no annoying electric wire during the weeding operation),
  • Must be connected to a gas bottle,
  • The gas bottle can be transported in a specific backpack or in a trolley,
  • Works with either butane or propane, but be aware that butane produces a more powerful flame,
  • The heat it diffuses is at least equal to 900°C,
  • Can be used in any weather, which includes rainy days,
  • Is suitable for weeding in paths, lawns, but also in flower beds and in the vegetable garden because with such a device, one can precisely select the plants to be eradicated,
  • Allows the gardener to save time since the gas weeder dispenses with hoeing or weeding in many cases.

The gas thermal weeder is particularly recommended for treating large areas. Some precautions are to be taken with this type of device. For obvious safety reasons, it should never be brought close to flammable material and the gas bottle should always be in a vertical position. These are indications clearly specified in the instructions for use, like many others besides, instructions that it is necessary to read entirely before putting into service a gas grass burner.

Criteria for choosing a thermal weeder

To weed their garden in an ecological way, more and more consumers are using thermal weeding. Everyone chooses either the electric model or the gas model, depending on the size of the areas to be weeded. The main criteria for choosing a thermal weeder to take into consideration are therefore the following:

  • Its mode of operation: electric or gas,
  • The area to be weeded,
  • Its level of precision, especially if you want to weed a vegetable garden or flower beds with this type of equipment,
  • His weight,
  • His price.

In terms of the budget to devote to this purchase, it should be noted that the electric weeder costs between 40 and 100 € and that the price range of a gas thermal weeder is around 100 to 250 €.

From less dangerous solutions for the environment, the thermal weeder of course deserves its good reputation. It perfectly replaces chemical products that are so toxic for the planet and human and animal health, knowing that they flow into waterways, groundwater and are found in garden vegetables and in the atmosphere. Admittedly, the gas weed burner rejects CO2, and it is necessary to run the power stations to have the energy capable of operating an electric thermal weeder… But despite everything, compared to treating products, weeders by heat are very interesting solutions to less impact the planet. However, if you want to be 100% green, there is only one way: weed your garden by hand exclusively…

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