Keeping the ground cool in summer: 4 easy solutions

summer is a tough season for many plants, especially when temperatures are scorching or when there is no rain for several weeks. It is indeed essential that the soil can retain sufficient moisture so that the plants do not die. Watering management can be a real headache in case of drought and it’s even worse when you go on vacation. For do not use more water than necessary because it is precious, it is very important to use natural solutions capable of keeping the soil cool in summer. Here are 4 tips to follow.

1 – Mulch the soil

Mulching is essential for maintain satisfactory freshness and allow the plantations to remain healthy despite the heat and/or the absence of rain. mulch retains moisture in the soil since it limits the evaporation process. For it to be effective, it is necessary to spread at the foot of the plants a mulch or mulch at least 5 or 6 cm thick.

Thanks to the mulch, not only the plants keep the feet cool, but in addition the development of weeds is slowed down and if you choose the right mulch you can also fertilize the soil.

It exists different types of mulch to know :

  • The vegetable mulch : as it decomposes, it brings organic matter to the soil and constitutes a real shelter for micro-organisms and garden-friendly insects. It can be Fragmented Raméal Wood (BFR), pine bark, cocoa pods, hardwood bark or even compost or humus obtained with green waste (lawn mowing waste, dead leaves, etc.), hemp or flax flakes… Vegetable mulch is perfect for the vegetable garden and is also suitable for many plants in the ornamental garden as well as for fruit trees.
  • The mineral mulch : decorative, it has the wind in its sails. It can be pebbles, pozzolana, crushed rocks, slate, clay balls, shale gravel… It is especially suitable for plants that like warm soils. For example, mineral mulch can be installed in a bed of Mediterranean plants or even in a rockery.
  • The synthetic mulch : to maintain soil humidity during the summer, cardboard, hessian, coconut fiber canvas can be placed at the foot of the plants, etc. Before planting, a felt can also be installed geotextile.

It is necessary to find out from a gardening consultant about the type of mulch that best corresponds to the plants that you wish to protect.

2 – Bin regularly

« A good hoeing is worth two waterings “, as all gardeners who know the tricks forsave water while keeping the soil cool. Biner is essential to decompact the earth and thus allow rainwater or watering to better penetrate the soil. But it also limits the evaporation of moisture. Note also that we take advantage of hoeing to eliminate weeds.

3 – Water in the evening

There is nothing more logical since by watering in the evening, the plants take advantage of the freshness all through the night and the water evaporates less quickly than when watering in the middle of the day. The advice holds for any type of watering: with a hose, a watering can, a drip or an automatic watering system which allows you to program the irrigation time and duration. Beware, however, of watering with a jet, which wets the foliage of plants, as this greatly favors cryptogamic diseases. Better to use a drip for example, which only waters the base of the plants.

4 – Clay pebbles for potted plants

Plants grown in tubs, planters, suspensions, pots and pots suffer even more from drought and summer heat than those planted in the ground because their substrate dries out very quickly and containers become hot. They must therefore be watered very frequently, which is not possible when you go on vacation if you cannot entrust the maintenance of the plants to a good soul.

In order to alleviate the problems due to lack of water, always remember to place a layer of clay balls at the bottom of the pots before planting because this retains moisture. In parallel, nothing prevents covering the surface of the substrate with a mulch. But in any case, it is recommended to place your planters in partial shade or in the shade rather than in full sun, especially during vacation time.

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