Kitchen corner: 6 ideas to fit it out without losing space

Lack of space is a significant problem in many kitchens. And exploiting the corners of the room is obviously a good way to save storage space by using every nook and cranny. Because of course, a kitchen is dedicated to receiving a refrigerator, an oven and why not a dishwasher, but it is also necessary to have space for numerous storage spaces which will accommodate your pots, pans, dishes and other cutlery and practical kitchen utensils like a toaster, juicer, etc.

In kitchens that have an L-shaped or U-shaped structure, there are inevitably hard-to-use corners. So that there is no “blind spot”, kitchen manufacturers offer different solutions that allow these spaces to be used as storage corners. It may not look like much, but it’s crazy how simple corner storage can save storage space in a kitchen. And on a daily basis, it’s very practical. You will find this type of storage at all prices. And from the simplest to the most complex. There are inexpensive corner cupboards with shelves, but the space offered is often difficult to access. The extra investment for fancy items is usually worth it. Overall, the deeper the corner cupboard, the greater the access system to the rear parts. Of course, it should be noted that this system itself can take up space. Here are 6 ideas for arranging one or more of the corners of your kitchen.

1- A carousel cupboard: the classic turnstile

The now classic carousel is a corner cabinet in which the circular shelves can be moved around an axis. The disadvantage of this corner solution is the loss of storage space. But it cannot be otherwise simply because of the construction. All the stored objects are easily accessible by turning it in a very simple way on the side of the opening. The rotating storage is sturdy and durable, but things can also get stuck in the carousel. An unbalanced load can also cause problems with the interior mechanism. Kitchen designers often give the choice between solid shelves or grids. The grilles make it easier to see what is inside, but keep in mind that elements can also get stuck there.

2 – Corner cupboard with a diagonal edge

Diagonal cabinets differ from other corner cabinets in their shape. There is no classic corner with a diagonal cabinet. The two converging kitchen fronts are diagonally connected by the cupboard. These cupboards give the kitchen an overall less angular and softer feel. This closet can be available both with simple storage or with an integrated carousel. If you choose the simplest storage with shelves, you should keep in mind that some of the storage space is difficult to access. From the point of view of the use of storage space, these cupboards offer a compromise in favor of the design of the kitchen. So if for you the design is more important than the optimal use of space, then you can choose this solution with pleasure.

3 – Corner drawers

Corner drawers are both clever and functional storage. The front of a corner drawer is not straight, as usual, but forms a right angle, while the actual pull-out element is installed diagonally in the cabinet. With this solution, part of the storage space in the corner is lost, but the corner cupboard can be used just as easily as any other kitchen storage. In principle, this type of corner wardrobe differs from a normal sliding wardrobe only in the angle at the front.

3 – The “Magic Corner” cupboard for optimal use of space

Magic Corner cabinets are another very popular and, above all, extremely practical variant of corner cabinets. They are equipped with a door that pivots entirely to facilitate the extraction of several trays. The storage area is divided into two parts, one part is on the door and pivots when opened, the rear part moves to the front of the cupboard when opened. This gives you optimal access to the entire storage area without having to reach into corners. Although this solution is more expensive than others, the investment is worth it due to the comfort acquired.

4 – The “Le Mans” cupboard: race track or kitchen cupboard?

For you, Le Mans is a city known for its racing circuit? You don’t know the kitchen cupboard of the same name? It is also modeled on the curves of the famous course, which combines excellent use of space with pleasant handling and an excellent overview. The swing-out drawers of this type of corner cupboard have a load capacity of up to 25 kilograms and are often used to store pots and pans. They can be pulled forward and swiveled out of the cabinet independently of each other. This way the floors don’t get in the way and it’s much easier for you to access items stored in the lower part of the cabinet. Since the shelves are completely outside the cabinet body when removed, you can insert and remove them without much effort. There is therefore no longer any risk of rarely used objects disappearing in the furthest corners of the closet.

5 – Other solutions to arrange a kitchen corner in a functional way

Corner sinks or built-in cookers at an angle are also a way to circumvent the problem of the angle in the kitchen. With these solutions, space is also wasted, but maybe stick to this arrangement because it has the advantage of not being classic and certainly out of the “ordinary” kitchen.

As you can see, there are many ways to use your kitchen space wisely, down to every nook and cranny.

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