Kitchen credenza: 11 ideas for materials and colors!

The kitchen splashback is a practical element that helps you keep your kitchen always perfect. In contemporary interiors, it also has aesthetic value. Choosing a splashback is one of the steps in decorating your kitchen space, where you prepare your meals. The splashback may have a small size but it is an important element that facilitates your tasks in the kitchen and beautifies your room. In the past, the space reserved for the credenza behind the sink and the hobs was most often covered with a tiled wall covering.

There was a good reason for this: tiles, because of their ease of maintenance, were considered the most suitable covering. There was little material that offered this quality of cleaning. Today, there is a greater choice of materials for your kitchen splashback. However, you have the right to still prefer tiling for its classic and sometimes even a little vintage look, for its traditional side and because it allows you to transform the backsplash area into a real work of art with interesting mosaics. . However, compared to other modern materials, tiles are more difficult to clean and this is its main disadvantage. In particular, it is the joints that pose maintenance problems, since the spaces between the tiles must be subjected to vigorous friction.

What material and what color of credenza?

1 – Tile

Tiling is the coating that has always been that of credenzas but it is increasingly neglected in favor of contemporary materials. You can choose tiles if you want a credenza with a vintage look or with metro-style tiles, which remain timeless tiles.

2 – Polished concrete

The credenza does not only have a utilitarian function, it can have a decorative function. With concrete, you not only protect your wall but also bring a modern aesthetic touch to your kitchen.

3 – Magnetic coating

It is the playful coating par excellence. Whether you choose it writable black so you can write on it with chalk or white so you can write on it with felt-tip pens, the magnetic credenza can hold your knives as well as your post-its, magnets and other shopping lists or postcards.

4 – Quartz

It is one of the top-of-the-range materials par excellence. Sober and refined, it offers an incalculable number of colors and shades.

5 – Mirror

To enlarge the space, there is no better. Put a mirror in place of your credenza and your kitchen will immediately appear more spacious and brighter. It is also a material that is easy to clean.

6 – Stainless steel

If your splashback only takes up a very small part of your wall – just above the hob of your stove or above the sink, you can opt for stainless steel. To choose, take it with a brushed effect rather than smooth because otherwise its maintenance will prove to be very difficult.

7 – Aluminium

The aluminum splashback is modern and elegant. It offers the same finish as stainless steel while being much easier to clean.

8 – Glass

The glass seems to get dirty easily. However, it is one of the easiest materials to maintain. A simple sponge with a cleaning product will be enough to give the walls of your kitchen a flawless appearance! And if the glass was not just affixed to your facade but if it had to be a window and you created an opening in your wall at the place of your credenza? This allows direct light to stream straight into your kitchen. This would be ideal because often the worktop in front of the credenza is where you do the most pre-meal prep and cooking, and you need plenty of light for that.

9 – Marble

Marble splashbacks are characterized by their beauty. The veins of the marble are characteristic. It is undoubtedly one of the least easy materials to maintain when it comes to credenzas.

10 – Image

The credenza can also be taken from a large format image that you take from this part of the kitchen. Thanks to the possibilities of printing images, you will be able to make your credenza a centerpiece of the decoration of your room: an image of Zen atmosphere, the expression of your gluttony or even the decor that only makes you want to eat balanced meals!

11 – Contrast

You probably have in mind images of perfect kitchens in which the credenza contrasts with the rest of the kitchen furniture. Let’s imagine your kitchen is black, in this case your splashback can be white so that everything is not dark and monochromatic. And if you’re the daring type, why not choose a splashback in a very bright color, like yellow, when your whole kitchen is dark grey?

Whether your kitchen is modern or traditional, whether the splashback has a decorative function or not and whether you are looking for a special effect, don’t forget to take advantage of your layout and decoration work to choose your splashback. Because the kitchen is a sacred place and the more it meets your taste, the more you will spend pleasant moments there! Take full advantage of it!

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