Kitchenette: 8 ideas for layout and equipment

The kitchen is probably one of the most exciting rooms to design because no other room combines so many aspects of our daily life. It is not for nothing that in terms of decoration, its layout is one of the least obvious exercises. Even more when it comes to a small format kitchen. In the case of a kitchenette, you always have to think more about optimizing functionality.

Anyway, good design requires little space. You can create a stunning place with just a few square meters. So even if your kitchen seems too small at first glance, here are 8 ideas for fitting out your kitchenette and equipping it in the best possible way. Let’s go !

1 – Light colors to enlarge your kitchenette

A simple and ingenious trick to make your small kitchen look bigger: clear kitchen cupboards and walls. In addition to an impression of sharpness, these also create the illusion of space. Also play the card of uniformity at the level of the cupboard fronts, this will add to this feeling of space. Moreover, who says cupboards says storage. What is not negligible in a kitchenette, is not it? Clear does not mean bland. You can add elements that stand out visually, which will aim to show your personality.

2 – Transparent glass shelves to combine practicality and design

Wall shelves are probably the most effective method of quickly and easily creating more storage space in the kitchen. Regardless of the size of your kitchenette, there is usually always a little free space on the wall. Wall shelves are practical, provide additional storage space and can also be designed extremely decoratively. For example, have you ever imagined choosing a glass shelving system? They are durable, easy to clean and beautiful to look at. In addition, in terms of design, they allow light to pass through. If you choose them in a colored glass, you are sure to make it the central element of decoration in your kitchenette.

3 – A retractable or integrated table to save space

If you have been interested in the layout of kitchenettes for a long time, you have necessarily already come across this question of the retractable table or integrated table. They are tables or shelves because they are narrow, more like counters or bars than real tables, very compact. They offer an additional work surface to your kitchenette, as well as a place to take your meals. Some can be folded against the wall to save space. Find a nice seat or two to frame it and make it the center of your kitchenette.

4 – A round table rather than a rectangular one to save space

When you have in mind the image of a big and long table around which all your friends and all your family sits, on what occasion? Is it everyday? Not really. Of course, in everyday life, a large and beautiful table would look great, no doubt very pleasing to the eye. But would it actually be practical in your kitchenette? How about a round table?

So much more practical, and puts all your guests on an equal footing!

5 – Minimalism and a few touches to accentuate your personality

Whether you’re in a loft, a large kitchen or a kitchenette, the mantra remains the same for many interior designers: less is more. It is better not to multiply decorative elements too much. One more go here, one photo there, and it can quickly lead to a cluttered kitchen on the one hand and the loss of valuable work space on the other. It is therefore preferable to proceed by keys. Choose a few items. A floor decoration, a few eye-catching shelves and nothing more. All it takes is two places, two things that give off a lot of personality and that’s enough.

6 – A mirror to enlarge the space

What if at the height of the credenza, or even instead of the credenza, you install a mirror? Your entire kitchenette is reflected in it and it gives the impression of an enlarged room. Don’t see the point? It’s just that a mirror blurs our perception of things and so you have the feeling of being in a room that seems larger than it really is. You have the option of choosing cabinet fronts that are completely made up of mirrors. The light is reflected there. Whatever the shape and location of your mirror, it is sure to add character to your kitchenette.

7 – Special attention paid to lighting

One of the essential elements of design in a kitchen is undoubtedly light. A kitchen is made up of different areas: where you prepare food, where you eat, where you do the dishes. And each of these spaces needs its own lighting. The more you “individualize” the light, the warmer the kitchen seems.

8 – Unused spaces to explore

Have you noticed that a corner shelf or the area under your ceiling could provide you with storage and storage space? Just like the side of your cupboards on which you can install credenzas to hang objects on.

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