Laundry room: 10 reasons to plan it in a new construction

The laundry room is a multifunctional room in the house. It is suitable for all needs. You can place everything you need on a daily basis or more rarely but do not want to be visible. There are usually the washing machine, the dryer and other household appliances such as the raclette or fondue set. Why is it a good idea for the laundry room to be part of the planning of your future home? Here are 10 tips for setting it up.

1 – The laundry room is no longer a dark storage room

Do you associate this term with a dark, musty-smelling storage room? Think again. The laundry room is neither an attic nor a basement. It is an additional room included in today’s family homes. The cost of a basement being quite high, the choice often falls on the creation of a closed room called a laundry room.

2 – The laundry room as a complement to an open kitchen

In addition, the trend is towards open kitchens facing the living space, in which design plays an important role. The kitchen is evolving and tending to become a living space incorporating open shelving solutions. Increasingly, interiors and living spaces in particular are adopting minimalist decoration. They are reduced to the essentials. A visible washing machine or fondue set on the kitchen counter would seriously detract from the overall design of the room.

3 – The laundry room abandoned in favor of the laundry room

But even in modern bathrooms you will not find a washing machine or dryer, you no longer do your laundry in the bathroom. So the following question finally arises: where to put the devices and things that you don’t need every day but should still be available anyway?

4 – The laundry room, a real space dedicated to cleaning

A utility room is ideal for storing cleaning supplies, buckets and vacuum cleaners. In addition, in general, it offers enough space to accommodate equipment such as your washing machine, your dryer or a very large freezer. For the laundry room to meet everyone’s requirements, it is important to plan it well. The principle is that the room is arranged in such a way that everything has its place and at the same time is easily available.

5 – For purists, the laundry room as a showroom

The better the planning, the more the laundry room becomes a showroom: beautiful cupboards from the same range of furniture as those in your kitchen and clever storage space solutions ensure that boxes and jars are properly stored , while pleasant lighting and attractive wall colors increase the feeling of well-being. Do everything to make your laundry room a pleasant room, it will counterbalance the fact that the daily tasks you do there are not necessarily pleasant.

6 – A laundry room for all household chores

When thinking of a laundry room, many people first think of a small storage room where laundry is washed and dried. Housing large appliances such as washing machines, dryers and freezers is usually an important function of the laundry room, but it performs many more as well. Some place an ironing board there, which allows clean clothes to be ironed directly, while a laundry tub is used to store dirty laundry. Are you creative and love to sew? Why not install a sewing machine there so that you can practice your hobby without restriction?

7 – A laundry room as storage space

As said above, the laundry room is a room that is also used as a storage room for cleaning. Vacuum cleaners, buckets, cleaning products and cleaning cloths can be neatly stored here on shelves or in a simple cupboard. In addition to its function as a pantry, the laundry room can also be used to store your empty bottles and glass waste or as a place to do your selective sorting. Some place clothes there that are not needed all year round, such as thick winter jackets, ski boots or rubber boots. Outdoor equipment, tools, Christmas decorations or the rarely used pasta machine also find their place here.

8 – The laundry room, a room perfectly integrated into the house

Depending on the size of the house and your own ideas and needs, the laundry room should be between 6 m² and 15 m². Ideally, the laundry room is close to the kitchen, so you have quick access to food and supplies stored there. Another advantage: you don’t have to go to the cellar to get your food processor once you’ve decided to bake a cake. Ergonomics is not only of key importance in kitchen planning, but should also be considered when designing your utility room. It’s still better if your washing machine and dryer are installed at a height, it prevents you from constantly bending down. Your detergents and other fabric softeners can be kept close at hand in convenient pull-out cupboards under the equipment.

Today, modern laundry rooms fit into the interior of the house, particularly in terms of design but also functionality. If you leave the planning of your laundry room in the hands of a kitchen installer, the professional will not only pay attention to the planning principles that apply to kitchen design. He will seek to optimize the whole: laundry room and kitchen. For example by thinking about short journeys. It will ensure that the laundry room blends in seamlessly with the kitchen so that you feel completely at home in both rooms.

9 – A window, tiles, electrical outlets for your laundry room

Because the humidity is usually very high in a laundry room, tile is best suited as a floor (and sometimes wall) covering. Tile tolerates moisture much better than a wooden floor. Tile is also easier to clean in case something goes wrong when you put away your cleaning tools or if you accidentally spill a little laundry.

If a window can be integrated into the laundry room, you benefit from easier ventilation and daylight. Finally, if the laundry room is to be equipped with a washing machine, a dryer and a sink, the necessary water and electricity connections must also be installed there. It is important to provide a sufficient number of electrical outlets to power both large appliances and everyday accessories such as irons or lamps.

10 – The laundry room, a room in your image and your taste

In order not to feel too lonely when doing your housework, give your laundry room a personal touch. Do you want to wash, iron in a good mood? Also think about design and not just functionality. Paint the walls your favorite color and add greenery to the room with potted plants. Hang photos or pictures that you like on the walls.

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