The maximalist style what is this decorating trend?

Do you see the Scandinavian style in decoration? You know that very common maxim of “less is more? ? Well, take the exact opposite. This year, we are thinking big. The tendency is to exaggerate. All signals indicate that maximalism is here. Which means that instead of tidying up and downsizing, followers of this home decorating trend are going to display and stack. Contrary to what you might think, this is by no means exclusively “bling-bling”.

The idea being to appreciate what you have, to display it with emphasis – in a somewhat pompous way and to allow yourself to mix and match styles. Here are some ideas of how you can bring maximalism to your home.

What is the definition of maximalism?

The mantra of the maximalist style would be: “Long live abundance!” “. With maximalism, you can really let off steam when it comes to interior design and decorate whatever you can. The key to a successful interior in the style of maximalism is to combine objects, colors and patterns. It is basically a matter of bringing together many different decorative elements and thus successfully creating a harmonious overall picture.

In the frenzy of a maximalist interior

Do not hold back. On the contrary, take full advantage of this trend! Maximalism requires a great deal of creativity and self-expression. On the one hand, choosing the right furniture plays an important role in maximalist furnishing. On the other hand, the placement of decorative objects is also essential. Let’s see how to decline the maximalist style in the different rooms of the house.

A maximalist dining room

You have understood, from now on “More is more!” “. So your table and chairs in the dining room, yes, but with a bombastic style and as pompous as possible. Opt for a luxurious velvet, you are thus guaranteed not to go wrong and to you the glamorous atmosphere. The first step would be to choose a color of paint or wallpaper on the walls that goes well with your chairs. If you want to take maximalism a step further, don’t settle for just one light above your table. Dare to be eccentric. Here too maximalism comes from abundance. So don’t settle for just one light source. Choose a model that will make your living room shine with a thousand lights, with multiple light points.

A maximalist living room

A stylish beige sofa goes perfectly with a golden pendant lamp. Textiles with large patterns are an absolute must: Whether large rugs, decorative cushions or picture frames – the colorful print perfectly complements the maximalist style. Go ahead: hit it hard with lots of elements and lots of colors. Modern decoration and memories that are close to your heart can be associated on one of the walls of your living room. Emphasize lots of things and play with bold contrasts!

A maximalist bedroom

Maximalism comes from the variety of furniture and decoration. However, in your bedroom you still need to make sure you don’t overload the room unnecessarily. This guarantees a pleasant atmosphere in which you can easily rest and relax after a day that can sometimes be stressful. To catch the eye, you can accumulate faux fur textiles, whether on your bed or on the floor. As for the color of the walls, it can remain white. Does this seem to contradict the idea of ​​maximalism? No, not necessarily, because you can decorate them in a “maximum” way, making them the height of maximalism!

A maximalist bathroom

A maximalist bathroom? And why not ! Do you need things to go fast in the morning in the bathroom and do you need plenty of storage space – for example for your cosmetics? So the decoration… In other words, it doesn’t matter. With your favorite plant, an XXL wall mirror and small decorative touches, you can create an elegant ambience that also appeals to maximalism. Treat yourself to a string of candles. For the bathroom, all you have to do is choose an accessory or a decorative element to repeat as you wish, and voila: you have your maximalist decoration. If you can’t decide, just opt ​​for several scented candles!

Decorating tips for a maximalist installation

  • Forget tailor-made and “sparsely”, prefer “en masse”. Instead of opting for a simple frame to hang on your wall, think gallery. It’s a must. Just a book on your living room table? Do not stop there, prefer three or four books: they bring personality to your home and say a lot about the person who lives there. In addition, the books do not have to be neatly placed next to each other, they can be freely arranged on the shelf or even distributed in piles in the room.
  • Take inspiration from the furniture of old English castles to assemble your decoration. A colorful combination of different things such as glasses, trinkets or vases gives your table a surprisingly harmonious appearance.
  • One of the easiest ways to turn your home into an oasis of maximalism is to decorate it with fresh flowers. Arrange them here and there, in pretty vases.
  • Never underestimate the effect of dishes! With the right plates and glasses you can give your dining table maximum atmosphere. You can also create a cozy atmosphere with candles.

Maximalism in a nutshell

  • It’s all in the mix: The maximalist decorating trend isn’t about spending huge amounts of money on unnecessary things or filling your four walls from top to bottom. It is much more about combining contrasting colors, different materials and eye-catching decorative accessories.
  • Singularity and authenticity: if you want to implement a maximalist decoration in your home, simply let your personality express itself with force. In maximalism, the imperfect appears absolutely perfect.

We hope that our ideas can inspire you. Are you ready for maximalism?

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