A mezzanine to gain space: how to think it through?

At the current price per square meter, the owner of his home has every interest in being imaginative in order to optimize the space. Arranging a mezzanine as judiciously as possible makes it possible to have a more spacious living space. It’s still better than keeping an empty attic or a high ceiling unused. In addition, this extension increases the value of the property. Let’s see how to make the mezzanine as functional as it is aesthetic.

The mezzanine is an extra room

Too bad to leave empty this space which is often only used as a landing serving the bedrooms located upstairs. Whatever its shape, the mezzanine offers many design possibilities, allowing the whole family to have a significant additional space. Depending on the needs, the mezzanine can therefore be transformed into:

  • Game room,
  • Bureau,
  • Guest room,
  • Multimedia space,
  • Library,
  • Relaxation area,
  • Sports Hall.

A bathroom can also be installed there. This involves the installation of a large semi-opaque window in order to preserve the privacy of the premises while allowing light to pass through.

Even if we only have one petite mezzanine, it does not prohibit great ideas. All you have to do is take inspiration from the finest architectural creations to transform your house, studio or apartment.

Creating a mezzanine can avoid a move

How to gain space without pushing the walls? All you need is a high ceiling and you’re (almost) done. The new mezzanine can be supported by a wooden structure or even by metal beams and be accessible by a trendy suspended staircase.

When the family grows and the house becomes too small, create a loft avoid moving. It is therefore an economical solution that is being used more and more often today to transform the home and redistribute the rooms differently, as the following examples show:

  • Completely redevelop a loft,
  • Install the living room there to enlarge a cramped kitchen,
  • Create a universe reserved for a new child because there are no additional bedrooms,
  • Furnish the corner for teenagers by dividing the space into two very distinct zones thanks to an ultra-design sliding partition.

Essential conditions for creating a mezzanine

The mezzanine can be built in any area of ​​the house provided that the total ceiling height is at least 4 m. This allows a decent height of 1.90 m to be reserved for the mezzanine. A lower height only allows you to create a bedroom for a child, but you still need to reserve enough height for him to move around easily.

We opt either for a suspended mezzanine, or for a mezzanine platform, that is to say a mezzanine on feet.

  • The suspended mezzanine is fixed to the ceiling or to the frame by irons, steel cables or wooden planks. This is the version that is suitable for creating a space with a small area.
  • The plateforme mezzanine is supported by supporting legs. If this version is chosen, it is necessary to have a high ceiling and a floor area of ​​at least fifteen square meters.

Even if you are very skilled in DIY, there is no question of creating your mezzanine on your own. He is obligatory to entrust this work to a professional, whether a mason or an architect. To budget for the work, simply ask for a quote after describing his project.

Securing the mezzanine

Care must be taken to ensure that the mezzanine is perfectly secure thanks to a bodyguard, because if there is no protection, the risk of accidental falls is real. The standards to be met are as follows:

  • Height: at least equal to 100 cm,
  • Maximum space between balusters: 11 cm.

Professionals offer a wide variety of mezzanine security elements.

Choosing the right staircase

The staircase, with a width of at least 0.60 m, must imperatively meet the norme NFP 21-211.

It is chosen in perfect harmony with the railing. Spiral, it takes up little space but it complicates the handling of the furniture for the floor. It is sometimes better to opt for a more voluminous staircase.

The staircase alone constitutes a real possibility of optimizing the space. Justarrange under the stairs in the library or to fix shelves with or without doors. You can then store crockery, household linen, files and archive boxes or the stock of shoes for all family members. In any case, it’s a great way to organize your interior even on a tight budget.

Mezzanine, the decorative asset that has style

If well thought out, the mezzanine with its plunging view of the living room can really make a difference. It is perfect because thanks to its railing, it separates the spaces without partitioning them. This visually expands the living space.

Its railing can become a decorative element in its own right. Balusters are available in multiple models, in all styles, all tones, all materials such as glass, metal and wood. Contemporary, urban chic or rustic look, the railing for mezzanine makes its show. And if you want to create an indoor garden, you don’t hesitate to green the mezzanine railing with colored jars or glass balls. It is a solution that enhances the plants and the room.

To benefit from a soundproofing without however darkening the mezzanine, it is possible to close it with a glass roof rather than an ordinary plaster partition. The children will be able to listen to music or play with their friends without disturbing the peace of mind of the parents comfortably seated in the living room in front of the TV. It’s a very nice way to bring character to your interior while ensuring the comfort of each one.

The mezzanine has no opening to the outside? A skylights can be installed at a lower cost so that this new space is very bright.

As far as materials and colors are concerned, anything is possible, as long as you create a beautiful harmony between the different levels of the house because the mezzanine is visible from the ground floor.

Developing a mezzanine responds to a real need space when you want to benefit from an additional room. Depending on the configuration of the accommodation, it can even double the living area. Admittedly, this implies an increase in the property tax, but let’s not forget that a mezzanine is a real plus that adds value to the home.

Photo credit: E. Benitez

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