Mini swimming pool for small areas: undeniable pros!

The mini pool has a first major advantage: allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of swimming in your garden, even if it is very small. But it has many other assets so that it is more and more popular. Let’s dive together in the heart of this crucial subject for many of us, especially since the mini pool is also perfect for small budgets!

What is a mini pool?

fall into the category of XS pools those whose width is between 2 and 4 meters and the length between 4 and 6 meters. The surface of a mini swimming pool is always less than 20 M², this size being that of the largest models in the range! You can indeed opt for a mini swimming pool of less than 10 M².

Its small size does not prevent it from being available, like large pools, in various shapes. A standard model can be round, hexagonal, square, oval or rectangular, but nothing prevents opting for tailor-made with a original form in L for example, created from scratch so that it fits perfectly into its environment or brings a very personal touch to the garden.

A mini inground or above ground pool, it can be in concrete, which allows great freedom in terms of configuration and shape, or with a prefabricated shell in polyester. Its price is included according to the model, its material and its dimensions, between €5,000 and €15,000. For more details, it is necessary to get a quote by a swimming pool specialist.

Mini swimming pool: its many advantages

We can almost guarantee that the mini swimming pool has all of a great ! Ses advantages are very appreciable, namely:

  • Does not require no formality (building permit) and its area is less than 10 m²,
  • Suitable for tight budgets because its purchase price is much lower than that of a large swimming pool,
  • Turns out very economic :
    • in water,
    • in heating, which reduces the energy cost,
    • in treatment products.
  • Requires less time for maintenance,
  • Requires the same earthworks as a large model, but the construction takes less time,
  • Can be installed inside and outsidein a very small garden, a small courtyard or a backyard, integrated into a wooden terrace… which makes it an ideal pool in urban areas but it is just as suitable for rural gardens,
  • East aesthetic,
  • Its surroundings can be laid out like those of a large basin (beach, terrace, curbstone, etc.),
  • Is perfect for fans ofaquagym,
  • Accepts all possible equipment (counter-current swimming, balneotherapy system, shelter or sliding cover, for example).

We recommend that lovers of a mini swimming pool opt for the device of swimming against the currentwhich makes it possible to practice swimming in this small aquatic area. Without this equipment, the XS pool may not satisfy swimming enthusiasts since its length is relatively limited. If it is equipped like this, that changes everything!

Who is the mini pool for?

It’s a small swimming pool which is perfectly suited to a single person, a couple or even a family with one or two children. For large families who wish to share water games and the pleasure of swimming, it may not be large enough. Ditto if you want to invite the children’s school friends or, for a few days of vacation, friends or family members. Enjoying the mini pool all at the same time may be a bit complicated.

Finally, some XS pool models are highly coveted by people who live in an area where building permits for this type of development may be refused. Indeed, as we pointed out previously, with a pool of less than 10 m², no need for a building permit!

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