Mini terrace in town : 5 ideas to design it

The city terrace may be tiny, but it is an essential space for any occupant of a house or apartment. This small setting in the heart of the city is the place for fantasies, but above all for cosiness, to share pleasant moments full of happiness alone, as a couple, with family or friends. How to arrange your mini-terrace in the city and thus combine aesthetics with pleasure, comfort, celebration and relaxation? Here are our 5 ideas for a successful layout.

Idea n°1: we adapt to the space

With a mini-terrace, the layout possibilities are limited, but far from non-existent! In town, having a terrace is an undeniable asset, so whether it is small, narrow, long, quirky or poorly designed, we adapt and find solutions! If your terrace is small, even mini, you must adapt to its shape and dimensions to arrange it, and not force it to adapt to you, otherwise you will not take pleasure in occupying it, and you risk of abandoning it.

Adapting to your space means opting for scale models and making do with the essentials. To do this, ask yourself the right questions. Is your terrace primarily intended for your meals or your coffee or tea breaks? In this case, favor the garden furniture. Is it, on the contrary, a relaxation area dedicated to your relaxation? Then prefer suitable furniture. And if you can’t do without both, opt for lightweight accessories that are easy to fold and store to change the mood in just a few minutes and effortlessly.

Anyway, mini-terrace means mini-furniture. Forget the massive table and its matching chairs. Avoid flower pots placed on the ground which hinder your circulation. Do not equip yourself with a parasol with a wide base that eats up all your space. Opt instead for equipment that is light, easy to move and store, foldable and wall-mountable. There are very beautiful garden furniture and foldable deckchairs. Hang your flower pots high up, on your walls or on trellises. As for the imposing parasol, replace it with a shade sail, light, aesthetic and without grip on the ground. Free up your space as much as possible to make the most of your terrace!

Idea n°2: choose the right size furniture

As we have mentioned, your furniture must imperatively adapt to the dimensions of your terrace, otherwise you will no longer take pleasure in occupying it. Opt for a pretty garden furniture in wood, plastic or metal that is foldable and light. It will thus be able to accommodate your meals and your moments of relaxation without disturbing you. White, wooden or colored, it also brings a very pleasant decorative touch.

If terrace rhymes with relaxation, think about relaxing in adapted equipment. Whether the outdoor space is dedicated to relaxation or whether you want to enjoy your Zen moment once your garden furniture has been folded up, invest in quality relaxing furniture that is easy to transport, move, store and maintain. A Lafuma type deckchair is ideal for relaxing and enjoying your city mini-terrace with serenity.

Idea n°3: we play with colors and materials

Decorate your terrace very simply thanks to the accessories. Well proportioned and arranged, these will visually enlarge the space, but also give your exterior an original, pleasant atmosphere in your image. Rain and UV-resistant floor mats, cushions with matching or variegated patterns and colors, mirrors on the walls to enlarge the space, colored draperies… all means are good to bring color and relief while lightness.

Do not overload your terrace with too large objects, it is better to distil the colors and ornaments for small touches. Not only the decorative effect is more successful, but you also gain in impression of size. Do not hesitate to vary the styles, but do not mix them too much to avoid the overload effect. The cushions are infinitely removable and replaceable depending on the desired mood, as are the throws and rugs.

The pots of your plants are also good ways to decorate your terrace. In wicker, woven basket, terracotta, metal or colored plastic, you can add small, very appreciable ornamental touches.

Idea n°4: we think of plants

Perfect for bringing a touch of nature, a little freshness and color, but also for hiding from prying eyes, plants are an ideal accessory on mini-terraces. Larger ones should be chosen for their height, but with a reduced volume that will not encroach on your space. Limit their number and arrange them at the edge of the terrace, in decorative containers. The smallest ones and the flowery ones are to be fixed in height, preferably on a wall so as not to bother you on a daily basis. Feel free to attach a trellis and climb ornamental plants on it. Green walls are also popular, it’s a good option to bring a bit of nature to your city terrace!

Ideas n°5: lights and magic

To perfect the layout of your city mini-terrace, think about lighting. Paper lanterns, lanterns, garlands, floor lamps… hang your lights to bring magic to your exterior. Colored or a soft yellow, they are cozy and give a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your terrace, conducive to sharing convivial moments with family or friends, but also to relaxation and relaxation. There are very aesthetic solar models that allow you to light up without spending electricity.

Once night falls, you can enjoy a magnificent terrace with a very different atmosphere from daytime. Think of mirrors to further multiply the lights and create a magical space.

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