My fridge is freezing : why is my fridge too cold ?

Is your food freezing in your fridge? Are your fruits and vegetables all covered in ice? Nothing very normal about all this. In fact, it is only in the freezer section that a refrigerator should cool food thoroughly. In the normal refrigerator compartment, the temperature should not be lower than 3 degrees Celsius so as not to make your delicate foods such as fruits and vegetables inedible. However, various faults in your home appliance can cause food to freeze unintentionally. Let’s try to list all the reasons for this and see what the solutions would be accordingly.

Improper refrigerator thermostat setting

It’s freezing cold inside your refrigerator. Food and drinks freeze and you can’t explain why? It’s time to act to avoid worse damage, not only to your entire supply but also to your device. Often the reason is quite simple, the temperature control through the thermostat may have a fault. In principle, you can choose the temperature of your refrigerator and adapt it according to your needs. This is usually done using a dial or a switch that you can operate analog or digitally. The degree of cooling of the device depends on this setting. If the component is defective, the refrigerator can no longer know what temperature to reach or, on the contrary, beyond what temperature inside the cooling circuit must be deactivated.

What is the solution ?

Turn the temperature control knob. At some point you should hear a click which means your refrigerator is turning on or off. If this sound or change does not occur, then that famous temperature control on the fridge thermostat is faulty and needs to be changed.

The electronic card of your damaged refrigerator

Is the inside of your fridge way too cold and your food almost frozen? Not only does this affect the preservation of your food, but in addition the consumption of your refrigerator is excessive and its lifespan decreases more quickly. You must therefore find the origin of this fault as soon as possible. Very often, it is the thermostatic electronic card which is damaged. As in the previous case, this causes an excess of cold and therefore freezing of all the contents of your device.

Your refrigerator’s circuit board can be thought of as a sort of signal transmitter. Depending on the information received, the electronic board performs certain switching operations or sends signals to other connected components – for example, when it comes to interrupting the cooling circuit because the desired temperature has been reached at the inside.

What is the solution ?

You can replace your electronic card yourself. However, without the proper knowledge, it is difficult to change it. So it is best to call in an expert.

Your fridge sensors are faulty

If it’s too cold in your fridge and food is freezing, one of the most common reasons is a faulty probe. If you discover that the interior is too cold or, in an extreme case, your food is even freezing, it is high time to act, because the refrigerator as a whole is malfunctioning.

The probes in the refrigerator are responsible for constantly comparing the actual temperature with the target temperature and, in the event of a deviation, providing the corresponding feedback, which in turn triggers other signals. Above a certain temperature, the cooling circuit of the refrigerator must be interrupted to prevent the interior from freezing.

What is the solution ?

If the refrigerator runs continuously and the food freezes, check your probes with a multimeter. There must be continuity in the collected values. If this is not the case, you must change the probe(s). Or change a component. This probe or these probes are easy to change and can be obtained at a lower cost.

The damper of your refrigerator does not open

If your refrigerator is too cold and the food is freezing, there is a reason to rule out right away: whether or not your damper control is broken. For each call for cooling, a fan starts running in your device. Then the damper, which is a small flap, will open to let in the amount of cold air needed inside. If this flap does not close properly, too much cold air will enter inside. This will overcool the inside of your refrigerator and may freeze food and drink.

What is the solution ?

It is necessary to check whether the shutter control is broken or blocked. Or if it is blocked by frost, for example. You can find out exactly where the damper is on your refrigerator model from the manual or exploded view, usually available on the manufacturer’s website. If necessary, check the condition of the damper, its control mode and its valve and, if necessary, replace it.

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