Noise on your terrace: 3 tips to protect yourself!

Do you live near a road or roundabout? Is your patio noisy? Its soundproofing and noise isolation are therefore measures that are worth considering and that will considerably improve your quality of life. Because sometimes, protecting yourself from noise on your terrace helps to solve a health problem. Really. This is no exaggeration. Not only will your daily life become much more bearable when you stop listening to all the street noise from your house, but your stress levels will also drop significantly.

Are you so used to the price that you can’t even design a quiet terrace anymore? Because it is still difficult to relax at home, read a book or watch a series when the ambient noise outside is high. All of this is heightened at night when it’s time to go to sleep. The noises seem amplified to you. It’s time to savor the sweetness of silence. So here are 3 tips to protect you from noise on your terrace. Choose the one that suits you best!

What are the different possible soundproofing systems for your terrace?

When you decide to reduce the noise level on your terrace and you start to study the different possible systems, you may find it difficult to find your way around. Sound insulation or sound absorption, these are concepts that seem identical to you and which above all, are not familiar to you. You should know that when an acoustic wave encounters an obstacle, it first bounces off, producing what is known as an echo. Then a second part is absorbed by the wall on which it bounced. Finally a last and third part crosses this same material. In this context, soundproofing consists of finding the best possible materials or techniques to prevent the transmission of the sound wave from one room to another. Thus, you will be isolated from the noise caused by the outside. To absorb sound, you need very porous and light materials such as foam, rock wool, fiberglass or textile materials. But to insulate against noise, the nature of the materials must be quite different: dense and rigid materials.

1 – Green walls to protect you from noise on your terrace

You are certainly already aware of the many advantages of vertical gardens and other plant walls. Indeed, they have many functions, including those of also serving as acoustic insulators. Because plants have the ability to absorb up to 50% of the noise generated by a road or a big city. They are even better than the materials usually used for acoustic insulation absorb noise optimally. The materials usually used for the acoustic insulation of roads, for example, such as cement, glass and concrete, only absorb 20% of the noise, compared to 50% for green walls. In addition, in the second case, the benefit is double, since it is a natural element that also serves to purify the air.

2 – Acoustic screens to block ambient noise on your terrace

Acoustic screens or acoustic panels have become an interesting system to reduce noise not only in work environments, but also at home where they can be used as decorative elements. Although in some cases those made of thin materials such as fabric are preferred, the most recommended screens for their efficiency, and also the most requested (because they considerably reduce ambient noise), are the solid screens, made of aluminium, wood, plaster or polyurethane. One of their advantages is that they are easy to assemble and disassemble at any time.

3 – Glass partitions to reduce noise on your terrace

This is a solution that we think about in business. In the workplace, silence is common, especially in offices. Because some professions require great concentration. But glass partitions can also be considered in a private home. Thanks to glass, you can achieve different levels of insulation. This of course depends on its thickness and the type of layers that compose it. If the surrounding noise is very high, you can consider inserting special resins in the lamination of your glass. This represents a few decibels of protection acoustically, but from a feel point of view, it can mean 50% noise reduction.

These glass walls can be installed on different types of floors. These glass curtains are also characterized by the fact that they offer a wide panoramic view of the outside, thanks to the elimination of the vertical profiles that frame the glass in traditional systems. Thanks to this system, the view of your terrace or balcony is not obstructed, which allows to increase the light. Other benefits of glazing your patio are that, in addition to reducing the noise level, you also reduce the level of dirt that gets onto your patio, especially if you live in the city. Also, if you have small children or pets, the security offered by closures is essential, not to mention the energy savings they provide.

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