Old tomatoes : which ones to grow for their taste color and originality ?

Red, orange, black, purple, green, yellow, zebra… varieties of heirloom tomatoes are making a comeback on our shelves. No wonder gardeners want to grow them: in addition to bringing an original and colorful touch to the vegetable garden but also to our plates, they are incomparable in terms of taste. Here are some exceptional heirloom tomatoes to grow and enjoy without moderation.

beefsteak tomato

It’s from afar the best known of all heirloom tomatoes. But make no mistake, it has been copied over and over again so that the shelves of our supermarkets are invaded by fake Cœur de boeuf that bears no resemblance to the original. Hence the interest of growing it from certified organic seeds.

Fleshy, with a sweet flavor, its shape can evoke a big heart, hence its name. As for its color, it can be red, pink or orange.

Téton de Vénus tomato

Variety of beefsteak type with abundant production, it gives fruits with an evocative shape of a frank red. It is appreciated for its exceptional taste quality. Non-acidic, this large tomato is absolutely succulent, with a nice density and very juicy flesh. In addition, it has very few glitches.

Glacier tomato

This is an old variety of tomate cocktail which provides fruits of 80 grams on average. Ideal for its earliness and because it can be grown without blinking in regions with cold climates – it originates from Sweden! – the Glacier gives abundant clusters of 4 to 6 sweet fruit of a beautiful brilliant red.

The Principe Borghese tomato

here is a heirloom cherry tomato to be cultivated absolutely for its small elongated slightly pointed fruits, very abundant, grouped in clusters. Nearly seedless, the flesh is dense and not very juicy. It is perfect if you want to prepare sun-dried tomatoes.

Marmande tomato

Very productive, it is one of heirloom tomato stars, well known to the general public. Its fruits of about 120 g of slightly flattened shape are semi-ribbed. Their firm flesh is very tasty. They are eaten raw, but also cooked, as an accompaniment, in sauce or stuffed.

La tomate Yellow Stuffer

It is distinguished by the shape of its tomatoes bright yellow whose shape strangely evokes the pepper. Its large fruits of 80 to 145 g are grouped in clusters of 10 to 15. Their flavor is sweet and they are very firm. They lend themselves well to the preparation of stuffed tomatoes because they hold together perfectly when cooked. The Stuffer variety comes in zebra version (Striped Stuffer) et en rouge (Red Stuffer).

La tomate Green Zebra

This one does not go unnoticed, whether in the vegetable garden or on the table, with its green fruit punctuated by stripes dark green and deep yellow. We like its sweetness on the palate, subtly acidic.

La tomate Purple Calabash

Its 150 g fruits have a slightly flattened shape, and are ribbed. Their dark purple color with purple reflections has a succulent fleshof good density and with an ultra-mild flavor.

Black Pear tomato

Another variety of heirloom tomato that is not lacking in appeal. It gives abundant fruits in the shape of pears blackish brown 150 g on average. We love the sweet taste of its pleasantly tangy flesh.

You can complete your collection with a variety of non heirloom tomatoHowever absolutely original which is well worth having a place for it in the vegetable garden. This is the Osu blue, a beautiful fragrant, fruity and subtly acid American. It’s a rare variety whose color changes throughout the ripening process. Ready to be picked, she is a surprising purplish blue you know chair is purple. Even its stems and leaves are decorative, purple then red in late summer…

Tomatoes really deserve to be given a choice and fairly spacious space in the vegetable garden. The interest is to cultivate different varieties, old or not, provided that the best ones are chosen. They will delight young and old alike.aperitifbut also throughout meals since some are eaten in salads, others in sauce, stuffed and even for dessert.

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