Organize your space to facilitate waste sorting at home

As we know, recycling makes it possible to reduce the quantity of waste buried or incinerated and therefore to reduce harmful environmental impacts. Moreover, the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act (LTECV) of August 17, 2015 sets itself the objective of “fighting waste and promoting the circular economy”.

This obviously involves reducing non-recycled household waste. To be part of this prevention approach, which aims to increase the share of recyclable waste, sorting must be made easier. It already starts at home.

Set up a selective sorting space in the house

Gone are the days when THE trash can sat under the sink. Today, probably still under the sink, it is no longer a trash can but trash cans that are found more and more frequently in new homes or homes where a renovation has been undertaken. Indeed, if we want selective sorting to be optimized, it must be facilitated then, to do this, solutions exist and certain kitchen accessories professionals have understood this well. They not only offer bins in all shapes and sizes, but also suitable layout solutions within the kitchen.

In the kitchen, the various bins must be easily accessible and therefore at the heart of the workspace, otherwise ease will lead to throwing everything in the general bin, generally the easiest to access. The selective sorting bin on sliding trolley represents a simple and effective solution: you can fix it on the door so that it appears with the opening of the door and, to make things even simpler, add an opening system automatic thanks to a pedal, or better, thanks to a sensor located at the level of the plinth, which will allow you to have access to the bins even with your hands loaded with waste

In the design of your fitted kitchen, you can also imagine the installation of a waste chute with bucket or bag, particularly interesting for peelings and other waste intended for the compost heap. They are very discreet since only the cover, generally made of stainless steel, is visible on the worktop.

In the bathroom, this type of waste chute will also find its place perfectly with a smaller container, of course. You can even adapt it to the decoration of the room according to the available color variations.

Organize selective sorting in the storage room

In the storage room, in the scullery, in the garage or the cellar, a storage or storage space must always be provided to store what will be taken to the recycling center or in the sorting bins when the volume requires it. . This mainly concerns newspapers and leaflets, glass and then everything that comes under special recyclable waste.

For newspapers, you can provide a wooden box or a plastic bin to easily pile up all the papers and magazines.

Empty glass bottles and jars can also be stored in this type of solid-bottomed plastic bin to prevent drips of fruit juice or wine from spilling and staining your car by loading the bin and depositing it at the sorting center.

The batteries can be stored in a specific box or bag, before being deposited in the selective sorting areas. The same goes for light bulbs, ink cartridges and all other products and materials that can be recycled.

Everyone can see it for themselves: sorting their waste is much simpler and more effective when the process is not restrictive, and therefore facilitated by appropriate equipment and layout.

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