How to calculate the volume of water in a pool? Why is it important to know?

Knowing precisely the volume of water in your pool is the basis for evaluating the cost of filling it, buying the appropriate equipment and accessories as well as for perfectly dosing the treatment products as we will see in more detail. But above all, let’s get out our calculators! Calculate the volume of your pool … Read more

Treatment of a pool with active oxygen : principle and process

Active oxygen is one of the most recent solutions for effectively treating your pool in an environmentally friendly way. But it must still be associated with other less environmentally friendly products such as chlorine or bromine for example. It has serious advantages, but is not entirely free from disadvantages and it is only suitable for … Read more

What is the ideal pH of the water in a swimming pool? How to calculate and maintain it?

Variable according to many elements, the pH is a swimming pool water quality indicator which must therefore be monitored very regularly using colorimetric testers or a pH meter. If it is too high or too low, it is essential to perform a adjustment in order to avoid problems. Let’s take stock of this famous potential … Read more