How to make a composite wood deck ?

I had a small wooden terrace, around 35 m², which was quite pretty when I bought the house: it contributed to my buying crush, moreover. But over the years, having been made of poor quality fir, with amateur know-how, the boards warped, lost their fixings, rotted in certain places… In short, my terrace had become … Read more

Building yourself or buying a ready-made mobile home deck?

Once you have installed your mobile home, you want to add a terrace as soon as possible. However, when the budget allocated to this project is limited, we seriously think about building this space ourselves rather than opting for ready-to-assemble models. What is the best choice ? The self-construction of a mobile home terrace Today, … Read more

How to clean a stained concrete terrace ? Which natural products to use ?

A concrete terrace has many qualities: aesthetic, the surface is non-slip, and the material remains affordable in terms of price for a coating of this quality. Composed of aggregates (gravel or sand) and cement, concrete is a porous material that must be protected by a surface treatment to limit the impregnation of dirt. Routine maintenance … Read more

How to get rid of moss on a terrace ?

The moss which becomes encrusted fairly quickly on the terrace does not have the most beautiful effect and gradually damages the material. In addition, it can be slippery and even more so after a good rain. Everything must therefore be done to eliminate it. Rather than rushing on chemical products, which are certainly effective but … Read more

What is the ideal size of a terrace?

How good it is to have a terrace to enjoy every moment that sunny days offer us! If you are wondering about the ideal size of a terrace, you probably have space and want to make the best use of it. There is no one-size-fits-all answer; you must first ask yourself what your needs and … Read more

Mini terrace in town : 5 ideas to design it

The city terrace may be tiny, but it is an essential space for any occupant of a house or apartment. This small setting in the heart of the city is the place for fantasies, but above all for cosiness, to share pleasant moments full of happiness alone, as a couple, with family or friends. How … Read more

Deck flooring: recommended materials pros and cons

Summer is coming and you want to enjoy your terrace. It is indeed the ideal place, between house and garden, to share good convivial moments around a meal with family and friends or a relaxing break. Unfortunately, you have the feeling that it is unattractive, aging and in need of new amenities. Do not panic … Read more

What is the perfect water level in a swimming pool?

Ideal for protecting you from the wind, rain and sun, the bioclimatic pergola is a high-performance model made up of tilting slats to meet your needs. These pergolas are very functional and practical, they can be controlled automatically or manually in a few seconds. There are different models to suit all tastes and budgets. Discover … Read more