Overflowing pool: pros cons construction price

The infinity pool is the nec plus ultra in terms of developing a private aquatic area. We love this endless line of water that merges with the horizon, giving an impression of immensity. In addition to this luxurious touch that it brings to the property, the infinity pool has many advantages. But before opting for this type of development, it is also necessary to take an interest in its disadvantages and the constraints it imposes. Finally, the price of its construction is not to be neglected either. Spotlight on the infinity pool.

Infinity pool: its specificities

Ce high-end pool is the dream of all private pool lovers because it is absolutely splendid. Its principle differs from that of conventional swimming pools, and there are two kinds of infinity pools, namely:

  • The partial infinity pool: it does not have a coping. She is also named waterfall infinity pool. The pond water overflows on one or two sides and is collected below:

    • Either by a chute,
    • Either by the buffer tank which is none other than another basin whose surface represents at least 1/10 of that of the swimming pool.

  • The mirror pool : its operating principle is the same as for the waterfall model, except that the water overflows continuously all around the basin and is then collected by the buffer tank. It is the most popular swimming pool model rare there is, but undeniably the most aesthetic. The visual result obtained with this layout is truly fabulous.

Whatever the type of infinity pool, the water collected in the buffer tank circulates through the filtration system to then return to the large pool via the discharge nozzles. Depending on the installation, these are located on the sides of the pool or at the bottom of the pool.

As regards the buffer tank, it can be arranged according to individual tastes in order to accommodate a slide, for example, or a water jet device, or even a waterfall. It is also an ideal element for toddlers since it can be used as a paddling pool.

Infinity pool: its advantages

The overflow swimming pool is distinguished from all other pools by the following advantages:

  • Very high-end product,
  • Of a rare aestheticism,
  • Looks less artificial than a classic pool,
  • Blends in perfectly with the landscape,
  • Is particularly welcoming,
  • No visible water line,
  • Gives an impression of immensity,
  • Reinforces the feeling of well-being,
  • Brings an indisputable added value to the property,
  • Limits the risk of discoloration,
  • Easier to clean than a conventional basin.

The pool water is always clean since overflow is continuous. Residues of sunscreen products, plant debris, insects and other dirt are immediately evacuated in a natural way, so there is no time to soak up water and sink to the bottom of the pool, which allows you to devote less time spent cleaning with a dip net, vacuum cleaner or pool robot.

Infinity pool: its disadvantages and constraints

Much appreciated for its beauty and the many advantages it offers, the infinity pool still has some disadvantages that can put off many people. He is accused of the following points:

  • Requires a substantial budget.
  • Is energy-intensive because it is essential to install a very powerful pump, the water flow must be very regular and constant.
  • Its construction requires a preliminary soil study because not all land is not compatible with this type of arrangement.
  • It is more difficult for the water to maintain the correct temperature.
  • The water evaporates more quickly, compared to a classic pool.
  • The risk of scaling is high. Treatments against limestone must therefore be carried out very frequently in order to protect the various equipment such as the coating, the filtration system, etc.
  • Makes the purchase of an automatic pH regulator essential, because the Hydrogen potential is extremely variable.
  • A level sensor and a pump must be installed in the main pool but also in the buffer tank,
  • Requires a custom-made cover when its shape is out of the standards or that it is a very large infinity pool.

From one high technicalitythe construction of an infinity pool can only be carried out by a professional who has great expertise in this field.

Infinity pool: construction price

Due to the complexity of its installation, whether it is a partial overflow pool or a mirror pool, but also the precautions to be taken upstream, its construction cost is much higher than for a traditional swimming pool. He is 25 to 30% higher. It’s here most expensive swimming pool on the marketbut we are here in very high-end…

You have to devote at least €30,000 to €35,000 to it, to which must be added the price of equipment and facilities around the swimming pool so that the luxury aquatic area is worthy of the name, which represents at least 15% in addition to the construction cost. For your information, to build a very large mirror pool with a completely new shape, you have to pay blithely a good hundred thousand euros. But it is also necessary to take into account maintenance and electricity costs, the price of a suitable shelter, as well as the cost of installing a security system…

In order to save on labour, some people may be tempted by a kit infinity pool, of small surface area, the price of which is around €20,000. But to build it, it is imperative to have masonry knowledge up to it and demonstrate great rigor because the installation of an infinity pool is far from DIY. If the rules of the art are not respected, the consequences are likely to be catastrophic.

To know the budget to devote to the construction and development of an infinity pool, it is absolutely necessary to submit your project to a pool specialist. It is possible to quickly receive several quotes by resorting to a swimming pool comparator online, a reliable tool, easy to use, totally free and without any commitment.

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