Packing for a move: 9 mistakes not to make

It’s well known that moving is one of the most stressful times in life. Because leaving your home to move elsewhere involves a number of steps. One of them is to pack up your boxes. Packing an entire home into boxes takes a lot of time and just as much effort. It is a task that must be well planned in order to make your move as quick and easy as possible. It is easy to make mistakes when focusing on this particular step. So here are the 9 most common that you should be able to avoid.

1 – Pack your boxes without having anticipated

To make things easier and avoid unforeseen events, it is best to get organized and think about preparing your boxes in advance. This way you avoid wasting time and lots of trouble. A good idea is to make a list in order of priority: what should you put in the box first and last? Similarly, think carefully about when your moving truck will arrive at your new address. Because once there, your rooms will start to fill up. You will ask yourself the question: “And this one, where do we put it? “. You will have neither the time nor the inspiration to improvise when the time comes. Thinking about how you will furnish your new home is done upstream. Because if you don’t, your movers will install everything at random, and you will have to redevelop everything afterwards. While you just need to map your apartment or house and note what you want to see in each room. In short, note on each of the boxes as soon as they leave your old home the name of the room where it is supposed to be placed. This will prevent your movers from piling up all your boxes in the hallway.

2 – Plan to pack on moving day

The longer you wait, the more complicated it will be to organize yourself in the preparation of your boxes. You will be stressed, so potentially make bad decisions. Last-minute rush usually doesn’t do any good. So the sooner you start packing, the better.

3 – Do not sort before packing

Do you think that sorting your things before putting them in boxes is a waste of time? On the contrary, if you don’t, you will waste your time unpacking and sorting once you reach your destination. So, sort out everything you have and label your boxes well!

4 – Use boxes in poor condition

Choose boxes suitable for what needs to be moved. We don’t pack or transport crockery or books in the same way. And of course, use boxes in good condition. Pay real attention to all of your packing materials.

5 – Pack dirty or damaged objects

There is nothing better than arriving in your new home and feasting on the order that reigns there. So don’t spoil your fun with objects that have been molding in your back kitchen for months. Get rid of it before you move. By the way, it also saves boxes, transport and time.

6 – Leave space in boxes of fragile objects

Leaving empty spaces in your boxes is a big mistake, especially when it comes to packing fragile items, as it can damage them in transit. There are padding materials that can be used to protect your belongings.

7 – Do not put everything in cardboard

This is the classic rookie mistake. You must have already experienced the scene. You arrive to help with a move and there are still things lying around. Why ? Because we always think that all these odds and ends will be useful until the end. Or that on the contrary, we don’t really know where to put them. So once again, it is better to anticipate and the day before your move put what is really unavoidable and extremely important in a box or box that you label and take in your car.

8 – Overload your boxes

Of course, you want to put the toys with the toys, the dishes with the dishes, the books with the books. But this is not recommended. Think about your movers who will soften quickly if your boxes are too heavy. Instead, be sure to fill with a certain filler and then complete with cushions or light decoration, for example.

9 – Pack what will be useful for cleaning before the exit inventory

You will need pliers to remove the nails from the wall and clean the floor of your living room. But where is all this equipment? Plan well to gather them in one place and not to pack them. Once your home is empty, you can then take the time to clean and fill the holes in the walls.

Therefore, it is very important to avoid all these mistakes in order to successfully complete your move. The key is to plan ahead, be organized and find the best way to ensure all items are packed appropriately based on their characteristics in terms of size, materials, fragility, weight , etc.

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