Pallet furniture: 10 ideas you can make yourself!

The trend towards recovery, recycling and “do it yourself” is still in full swing and continues to find its way into the garden. And the pallets are the best illustration of this. It is now fashionable to get your hands on pallet wood to reuse it through furniture to make yourself. These creations therefore have great value because not only are they unique but they are also perfectly suited to your interior or exterior since you can make them to the size you need, paint them the color you want. In short, be imaginative and you will have a piece with a personalized design that you will have created to measure.

It is not for nothing that the recovery of pallets is so fashionable today. It’s simply because you can in no time and through a fun project make yourself a sofa, a coffee table or any functional object or piece of furniture for your garden. In addition, if you use reclaimed wood, you are guaranteed not to spend too much. Ideal when you have a small budget. There are so many things you can create from palettes! Here are 10 ideas to inspire you and who knows how to get you started.

1 – A vertical pallet planter

Place a pallet vertically and attach the boards so that they are held in this position. You will have in less time than it takes to say a space-saving plant holder that will easily find its place on a balcony or in your garden. Do not place it too far from your kitchen, because for aromatic plants, it is the ideal solution. It’s up to you to create this little herbal paradise!

2 – A storage cabinet for your barbecues

Made in exactly the same way as the vertical planter, this perfect accessory for your barbecues is the simplest storage solution for your outdoor meals. By including hooks, you can also easily store your barbecue utensils.

3 – A pallet table

You can really create unique and original furniture items from wooden pallets. For example, create a table from 4 wooden pallets. A pallet table can serve you both indoors and outdoors. Not only can your table be personalized, but you can also make it evolve by creating it. Just be sure to choose wooden pallets that have not been chemically treated. And finish your job with a protective coating like varnish or wax to ensure durability and weather resistance.

4 – A garden bar made of pallets

Do you also dream of having an outdoor bar? With just five palettes, you can make your dream come true. To give it a little more pep, you can paint it in any slightly tropical or lively tone! Of course, make sure the paddles are securely fastened together to avoid any risk of injury.

5 – A garden furniture in pallets

Want to continue adding cosiness to your garden or outdoor space? Create a relaxing space to enjoy your surroundings. To make a living room, it’s relatively simple and it doesn’t require a lot of tools. Just be sure to sand the wood properly. And be careful how you cover your cushions so they don’t wear out too quickly.

6 – A pallet sofa

You can make a simple couch to slide inside as well. It works very well in an entryway or in a child’s room. Paint it a nice bright color, and add throw pillows in a complementary color to create a nice contrast.

7 – A corner sofa in pallets

Corner sofas are often relatively expensive pieces. For this salvage project, you need a few tools and some raw materials and a lot of elbow grease. Even if you are new to DIY, this is achievable!

8 – A wooden pallet terrace

Yes, it is possible to cover your wooden deck with pallets. The wood is recycled, the budget is lower, it’s up to you! As with all the projects suggested in this article, you will find here and there on the Net tutorial videos to follow step by step.

9 – A swing bed

Do you want to find your child’s soul via a swing and the comfort of your adult life via a soft bed? And if you couple the two by creating a suspended bed? All you need are pallets and rope – and a mattress, of course. You can design this swing bed for one or two people, it’s up to you whether you have a single or double mattress.

10 – A kitchen island

Pallets can be used to create all kinds of furniture. You can even use them to create a kitchen island. You will need at least three palettes, some tools, and some paint. Cut the pallets to the desired length, fix them together and add a worktop. Paint it all in a natural color or a very bright tone that coordinates with your kitchen. This is an opportunity to offer you a tailor-made kitchen.

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