Panoramic wallpaper : a very trendy decoration idea

You may be familiar with panoramic photography. It consists of an image taken with an exceptionally wide field to capture a view beyond what a conventional lens is usually capable of. Thanks to digital progress, these views can now be deployed on an entire wall: this is called panoramic wallpaper. Tempted by this very trendy decoration? So here’s what to make the best choice.

Style to be used with care

Do you have a large wall and it seems too banal to cover it with paint or classic wallpaper? Indeed, choosing panoramic wallpaper means opting for originality ! Even if this type of decoration is a strong trend for 2020, the possibilities offered are so numerous that it is unlikely to find the same image or composition with your friends or neighbors.

Many professionals point out that panoramic wallpaper makes your interior unique. The qualifiers associated with this XXL wallpaper are “style”, “character” and “personality”. This type of wall decor creates truly spectacular effects.

Just imagine it and you will have it! The market is indeed vast and the proposals seem endless. Distrust, however, imbalance that the panoramic wallpaper can introduce into your interior: depending on the representation you have chosen, it can literally capture the attention and the whole room will converge towards it, eclipsing all the other elements of the decoration. Depending on the pattern chosen, it can give an extraordinary depth to the room or, on the contrary, crush it. Do not hesitate to make 3D simulations to better project yourself.

Panoramic wallpaper and landscapes

You can opt for the photo of a real sceneryeither because it is dear to you, or because it brings an atmosphere that resonates so strongly in you that its contemplation literally transports you.

This landscape can be exotic, brightening your room from evening to morning, 365 days a year, or it can represent an undergrowth and bring freshness and tranquility to your interior. It can still be a waterfall that will bring a hint of vitality and movement to your daily life.
You can also opt for an urban atmosphere, covering your wall with a bird’s eye view of a large American city, worthy of the most luxurious apartments located on the top floor of a residential tower.

Panoramic wallpaper can also be poetic: flowers will compose a natural and soft atmosphere.

Even motorsport or motorcycle enthusiasts will find what they are looking for: big plans candid runners are also available.

When panoramic wallpaper plays with graphic elements

Panoramic wallpaper can also deploy graphic patterns from ad hoc creations. The offer is just as varied as for the landscapes: historical, retro or contemporary, trompe-l’oeil or abstract, playing on pastel tones, monochromes, strong contrasts or dazzling colours.

The wall of a child’s room can be covered with animals straight out of fairy tales, adorable representations that will become imaginary companions able to inspire him in his games or lead him into sweet dreams.

If you prefer the subtlety of a drawing to a photo, you will also find beautiful representations of plant motifs, ranging from philodendron and other exotic plants, to representations inspired by 18th century floral decorations.

Finally, your wall can also be a world map or a contemporary art painting.

You do so to speak no limit to project your tastes on your wall. If you do not live alone in the premises, it may also be wise to make sure that your tastes are shared by the people who live with you…

Points techniques

The standard height under ceiling being generally 2.50 m, with possible configurations at 2.70 m, the proposed heights of the strips correspond and take place over 2, 3 or even 4 meters in length. Some professionals offer custom cuts with centering of the pattern to minimize your installation work and ensure the most perfect effect.

Unlike a classic wallpaper, you have the choice between the variation in several lengths, inducing fittings, or in single length for a flawless finish.

Most panoramic wallpapers are made on non-woven paper, a technique that allows you to glue only the wall for faster and easier installation. More expensive adhesive versions are also available. If the one-piece wallpaper is thick enough to allow it, it is even possible to pin it, staple it or tape it to the wall with double-sided tape: you can thus take it with you when you move house.

Finally, to choose the panoramic wallpaper of your dreams, consider studying the weightthe resistance to humidity if you want to put it in a bathroom, the possibility of washing it, the resistance to UV light, the type of inks and materials used in its manufacture, the color rendering, the place of manufacture, etc.

The price per square meter of a panoramic wallpaper has nothing to do with that of a classic wallpaper and corresponds to a high end decoration. So think carefully before making your choice!

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