Pool cover : how to choose it ? How much does it cost to install ?

There’s nothing like a pool enclosure to protect your aquatic area and enjoy the pleasures of swimming all year round. But this equipment is offered in many models that are very different from each other, so that this does not facilitate the consumer’s choice. Let’s see what are the main selection criteria as well as the elements that considerably vary the cost of installing a swimming pool enclosure.

Pool enclosure: the different models

The most effective child safety device, protection against dust, solution for limiting the cooling of the water in the pool and therefore making substantial savings on your electricity bill, equipment thanks to which you can swim even in deplorable weather… swimming pool enclosures offer so many advantages that more and more owners want to install one. The choice can be difficult given the models marketed today, namely:

  • The low shelter or flat shelter: it is a good protection. But very often extra flat, the low shelter does not allow swimming when it covers the pool. To use the swimming pool, it must therefore be completely uncovered.
  • The semi-high shelter (or semi-high): it protects the pool and allows it to be used when it is covered. However, you cannot stand under this type of shelter. It is in any case a good compromise between low shelter and high shelter.
  • The high shelter: it’s a must since you can swim while leaving the pool covered. There is therefore no need to open the structure. Some high shelters measure a little less than 180 cm in height while others easily exceed them. Be careful because the installation of these makes certain procedures obligatory at the town hall of the commune (request for authorization) and some entail taxation.

Once the type of shelter is chosen, it remains to study the following points.

  • The structural material:

    • wood, insulating, noble, brings an authentic touch,
    • steel, robust and aesthetic, available in many colors,
    • aluminum, affordable price but not insulating,
    • PVC canvas for the inflatable shelter, economical but quite opaque.
  • The glazing material:

    • glass, refined, of incomparable transparency,
    • polycarbonate, inexpensive, insulating, light but of good resistance,
    • resin, light but the shelter is darkened,
    • plexiglass, brings a good luminosity.
  • the shelter opening or shelter fixe (the latter requiring the application for a building permit), with a functioning opening and closing system motorized or not, knowing that motorization is recommended for heavy structures. Some shelters can be completely open, or only partially uncover the pool. In this area, the choice is vast since we find, for example, the removable, sliding, semi-sliding, telescopic, folding, lifting shelter…
  • The form:

    • with canted sides, its shape is soft because it is less angular,
    • domed, very refined with its dome shape. Note that it is sometimes called basket handle pool enclosure.
    • straight, it is a cubic shelter that sports a classic look of great simplicity with its flat walls and flat roof,
    • mixed, it mixes looks since it has the walls of a straight shelter and the roof of a domed shelter.

The materials of the structure and the glazing are sometimes imposed since they depend on the type of shelter. For example, glass glazing is the one that equips fixed shelters. Also note that some pool enclosures can be fitted with a optional mosquito net but also lights, etc. Finally, the inflatable enclosure, for example, must be made to measure when the pool to be covered is very singular in shape or its dimensions are non-standard.

The investment required to have a swimming pool enclosure being significant, it is better not to be mistaken when buying. Here are some tips for choosing a swimming pool enclosure that perfectly meets everyone’s expectations, because there is no question of buying this type of swimming pool equipment without a minimum of vigilance. It is therefore necessary to take the time to analyze the following points.

  • The space we have,
  • The solidity of the coveted shelter and its resistance to prevailing winds,
  • Its certification to current safety standards,
  • The anti-condensation treatment, very important to avoid problems related to mold for example,
  • Its very variable purchase price, from €1,000 (small flat shelter) to more than €50,000 (high/fixed custom-made shelter),
  • The installation cost.

Swimming pool enclosure: installation cost

It is recommended to anticipate the purchase of a swimming pool enclosure because the budget to devote to it is quite substantial. Of course, one must take into account the shelter price but also the setup cost. Indeed, installing a swimming pool enclosure is not an easy task and it is better to rely on a professional. This makes it possible to have perfectly secure equipment and if it is installed according to the rules of the art, it will be more durable.

The cost of installing a pool enclosure varies according to:

  • the complexity of the work,
  • Of its type of opening,
  • Motorization,
  • The size of the shelter and its type,
  • Options,
  • Accessories,
  • transport costs,
  • Of the season, knowing that when the requests are less numerous, the prices are a little lower as is the case between October and February because the craftsmen are not overwhelmed during this period of the year.

As an indication, if you wish to build a fixed shelter, the minimum price to be expected is around €10,000. Each installation therefore has its own characteristics. Also, it is essential to request multiple quotes in order to compare the rates applied by different professionals.

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