The pool cover or tarpaulin: pros and cons

It is always preferable to cover your swimming pool in order to protect it from dirt and consequently reduce the cleaning time but also the treatment products. However, in this area, the choice is not easy because there are different categories of covers for swimming pools. So let’s take stock of the different models of covers for swimming pools, the standard to be respected, in which cases to use them, what are their advantages and disadvantages.

Tarpaulin or swimming pool cover: what is it for?

The pool cover is a plastic tarpaulin. It is very useful for:

  • Avoid rapid fouling of the pool: the cover protects the water from insects, dust, plant debris,
  • Limit the risk of algae proliferation,
  • Reduce the use of treatment products,
  • Make it easier to start up the pool after wintering.

Before buying a swimming pool cover, it is very important to take an interest in the particularities of the models offered because they do not all have the same qualities.

Tarpaulin or swimming pool cover: what about the safety standard?

Please note, it is imperative that the standard NF P90-308 be respected for a swimming pool cover to fall into the category of swimming pool safety devices.

This is the case for certain tarpaulins only. Many swimming pool covers or nets must therefore be completed with an approved device when they are not stamped with this standard.

Different models of swimming pool covers: the + and the –

Buying a swimming pool cover is not done lightly. In addition to protecting the pool water, it must be reliable if it is the only pool safety device. It must be able to protect children and pets from falling into the pool.

The winter cover for swimming pools

This cover is very opaque, which is why it is recommended in winter since it significantly reduces the growth of algae. This cover should only be laid once the bathing season is over. Some models are part of pool safety devices. It is necessary to make sure before buying that the product respects the standard in force. Remember that to be regulatory, a pool cover must be able to support the weight of an adult person without sinking into the water.

The bubble cover for the swimming pool

It is a cover system that we use only in summer. Thanks to the suction cup effect, it remains pressed against the surface of the pool. There are different fixing systems: either retractable, this being located at one end of the pool, or with fixing to the coping.

The bubble cover limits the evaporation of water, maintains a satisfactory water temperature during the night and even makes it possible to heat the water in the swimming pool. It is therefore a very practical system for saving money in terms of heating but also treatment products since it protects the pool against dust, insects and plant debris.

In contrast, it is in no way a swimming pool safety device because it is not rigid enough to prevent a child (or a pet) from drowning.

The 3 in 1 pool cover

This version is often called four season cover because it fulfills all roles: both summer cover and winter cover. It is an ideal model equipped with a roller and which offers high wind resistance because of its maximum tension that we owe to its ratchets and its welded straps. This swimming pool cover is reinforced. It is suitable for swimming pools with an area of ​​45 m² or more. This is a safety device that meets the standard.

The swimming pool cover: what you need to know

A pool cover is a cover that must be perfectly stretched to limit the risk of drowning when the pool is covered. The smallest gap between the cover and the edge of the basin represents a danger for children and even for pets. Similarly, a tarp that sinks in the water under the weight of a person increases the risks. Whatever the model of cover chosen, with or without roller, this tarpaulin must imperatively remain flat on the water.

Its installation generally requires the contribution of two people. A basic model can be tensioned manually but you can afford a cover with an integrated roller.

It is also possible to buy a roll-up system for tarpaulin or swimming pool cover. It is a resistant device, available in different sizes, made up of telescopic tubes. It is suitable for a tarp with or without eyelets thanks to its universal straps with clips. As an indication, a roller system costs between 150 and 200 €, an amount which is added to the price of the cover. Note that a had to is necessary to know the cost of a cover if you have a very large swimming pool.

It is better to seek advice from a swimming pool specialist when buying a cover. Indeed, some models cannot be installed on an infinity pool or do not adapt if the pool is equipped with a ladder for example. You can also use the online comparator to take advantage of competition in this area. But beware, the price should not be the only purchase criterion. There is no derogation either from the quality or from the NF P90-308 standard.

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