Pool deck : what type of covering and materials to choose ?

The pool deck, or deck, is an important part of your pool. It must be aesthetic, secure, resistant and comfortable, because it is a space crossed many times for swimming. Choosing the material that composes it is not so simple. Wood, composite, concrete, porcelain stoneware, stoneā€¦ there are many choices, but all coverings are different and their advantages vary, as do their weak points. Here are our tips for choosing the right pool deck covering.

How to choose your swimming pool terrace coating?

Choosing your pool deck covering is important and should not be undertaken lightly. Aesthetics are important, but you also have to think about comfort and safety. The pool deck is indeed an important space in the context of your swimming, since you cross it when entering and leaving the water, and you can stay there to relax.

Here are the essential points you will need to take into account to make the best choice of pool deck covering.

  • The coating must be easy to clean, to maintain and it must not retain dirt. The bathing water must indeed remain clean and a healthy terrace undoubtedly contributes to this.
  • It must not be slippery to avoid falls when the terrace is wet. Opt for a non-slip model.
  • The material should be strong and free of flaws. Watch out for shards of wood or plastic, but also tiles that can get stuck in your feet or cut your skin.
  • The coating must resist the presence of standing water, which can accumulate on its surface, but also the chemicals that treat it. It is also preferable that it is resistant to UV and parasites, in particular mold.
  • Also watch out for the heat! The terrace is exposed to the sun and a coating that becomes hot can cause significant injuries, not to mention that it is unpleasant to set foot on it.
  • Finally, make sure that the coating of your pool terrace is well integrated into your garden. Aesthetics is not the most essential criterion, but it is important to have a beautiful pool in harmony with the house and the outside.

The different types of pool deck coverings

The tiling

Tiling, or more particularly porcelain stoneware, is a refined and judicious choice. Solid and resistant, it is a material that can adopt all aesthetics and in particular imitate other materials such as wood, marble or stone. It is non-slip and very easy to maintain using a simple damp mop, which is an undeniable asset. Thanks to porcelain stoneware, you can benefit from a wide choice of shades, sizes, shapes, reliefs and patterns. Make your desires speak!

The concrete

The concrete terrace is very modern and comfortable. Non-slip, permeable and able to stay cool even in high temperatures, it can imitate other materials such as stone or terracotta, with a more uniform and less expensive finish. It is available in multiple colors and very aesthetic styles, which allows it to be suitable for an industrial layout, but also for any other type. Resistant and timeless, the concrete terrace is however expensive and it must be installed by a professional.


Wood is the most noble and natural material for your pool deck. Warm and aesthetic, it is comfortable and very pleasant. It also has the great advantage of not overheating in the heat, which avoids burns on contact, and it fits perfectly into all types of exteriors and with all swimming pools.

On the other hand, wood requires regular maintenance to stay beautiful and age well. Prefer to invest in more durable and solid models. Admittedly, they are more expensive to buy, but they are more resistant to the passage of time and the risk of splinters is limited or non-existent.

The compound

Composite wood is an interesting material since it resembles natural wood while being composed of wood fibers and plastic resin. It therefore does not require any maintenance apart from regular regular washing, nor treatment for the wood. Non-slip, it limits the risk of falling and avoids any injury due to a splinter of wood. It does not store heat, which makes it pleasant to the touch. On the other hand, be aware that stagnant water and chemical treatments tend to accelerate its degradation. It is a financially interesting and very aesthetic product, but it lacks durability. However, it is above all its appearance that changes and loses its shine and charm over time.


You can opt for a pool deck covering in natural or reconstituted stone. It is a magnificent material, very design and trendy, solid and resistant to the passage of time, UV and bad weather. The stone comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and reliefs to satisfy all desires.

Natural stone is more expensive, but it is also more resistant and durable than reconstituted stone, made from concrete. It is also more authentic and refined. Easy to maintain, it generally only requires annual stripping with a high-pressure jet, but the application of a water repellent is recommended every 2 to 5 years.

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