Pool house : how to design this mini pool house ?

The English word pool translates into French by swimming pool or basin. So that pool house is the name given to the shelter located near your swimming pool and which according to your tastes can have multiple uses. Some use it as a technical room for the swimming pool, others to change into their bathing suits, while still others see it as an outdoor kitchen for barbecues or a bar for long summer evenings. summer. For a bit, some would almost make it a second home! Let’s see how to properly design and furnish your pool house.

How will your pool house be used?

Do you have to plan to install electricity, heating and water there? Do you want to arrange it as you were able to do for your home? Before considering a pool house, the best thing is still to define the function you want to assign to it: a living room or a garden kitchen? A changing room with toilets, showers and toilets? Extra storage space for everything garden-related? There are many ways to gather planning advice. They range from your own ideas and wishes to suggestions from your family, acquaintances and friends or inspirations from certain websites, to those of the architect who once planned your house. The more you anticipate the design, the better the realization of your pool house will be.

Pool house: how to properly design this construction?

Here are some examples :

  • A technical room and a storage space. They are essential but should be kept to a minimum. Lawn mowers and other electrical garden appliances greatly disrupt the ambiance of a pool house; leave them in the garden shed or tool shed.
  • A space to relaxsuch as a sauna or steam room.
  • An outdoor lounge. This will be the place to take a nap, under an umbrella in the shade and sheltered from the wind. Then install sliding doors.
  • An outdoor kitchen. Equip your pool house like a pantry with grill and refrigerator, enough to set up a buffet and barbecue. Provide a household appliance to break the ice, enough to offer ice cubes in the cocktails of your guests!
  • Cloakroom. Where should your pool users change and shower before and after bathing, if not in your pool house directly by the pool?

When it comes to pool house layout, variety is key

There are almost no limits to pool house construction and layout ideas. They can be placed independently in the garden, or directly attached to your house. The swimming pool in the heart of your garden is the central element, and it should be complemented by a nice aesthetic and practical pool house. Your pool house should be open and airy. This is possibly through easy-to-use sliding doors and large windows. The art of furnishing consists of combining the pleasant and the practical, according to the principle: bringing technology and technique inside but optimizing the space in such a way as to leave room for relaxation and leisure. This ranges from a sauna to a comfortable lounge to sanitary facilities.

Pool house: have you thought about regulations and safety?

Unlike simple garden sheds, for some pool houses, and in particular for modern pool houses, certain permits must be requested. Find out about the regulations in this area. Applications may differ locally. Especially with regard to the distance with the neighborhood. Remember to insure your pool house. The simplest and most effective way is still to contact the insurer who insures your home directly.

Construction of your pool house: the key points to remember

If you follow the planning tips below and answer the questions, planning your pool house is guaranteed to be a complete success.

  • Do you need to provide storage space for garden furniture, barbecue, pool technology, etc.?
  • What is the likely average number of users in your pool house?
  • What will be the predominant function of your pool house?
  • What pool house materials should you choose and why; what can you and what will you afford?
  • Are you considering pool house furniture and if so, in what style: classic, modern, etc. ?
  • Are you planning yourself or with the help of a professional specialist?
  • Where is the ideal location for your pool house in my garden?
  • What official permissions are required?
  • What budget do you have? Nothing prevents you from implementing the realization of your pool house in several stages.
  • What does your family say about your pool house ideas?
  • What is the deadline for the realization of your pool house?

Buying a house adjoining your swimming pool in the form of a pool house is really giving a boost to summer life in your house. From a classic house, this becomes almost a vacation home. Well-being, rest, everything is now truly at your doorstep, in the literal sense of the term. So make sure that your pool house blends in as harmoniously as possible with the landscape of your home and your swimming pool.

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