Potato : which varieties for which use to plant in the garden ?

Whether wild or cultivated varieties, there are more than a thousand varieties of potatoes at the planetary level. The Official Catalog of Plant Species and Varieties lists no less than 20% in France alone. This is to say the choice we have. With melting (tender), floury or firm flesh, the potato occupies a prominent place in gastronomy. Let’s take stock of the different varieties to plant in the garden to taste the potato best suited to the culinary preparations included in the family menus according to the desired cooking method and individual preferences.

Potato with melting flesh

These tubers vary in size – from medium to large – depending on the variety. These potatoes Hold up moderately well to cooking most crush easilywhich allows them to be used:

The tender-fleshed potato lends itself particularly well to the following cooking methods: boiling, steaming and in the traditional oven. We love the texture of its pale yellow flesh is melting and very smooth. She magnifies herself with a baking or casserole for example.

In this category with tender or melting flesh, one can for example cultivate:

  • Mona Lisa,
  • Melody,
  • Marine,
  • Samba,
  • Agata,
  • Nicola.

Potato with floury flesh

It is generally about large tubers quite short. Their coarse-grained flesh being floury, she absorbs cooking juices well. These potatoes are perfect for the following uses:

  • Gratin,
  • Fries,
  • Purée,
  • Soup.

They can therefore be cooked in the oven, in the casserole, but also in the fryer. In the garden, for example, you can plant:

  • Bintje,
  • Agria Manon,
  • blondy,
  • Victoria.

All lend themselves divinely to the preparation of very crispy fries and despite their floury flesh, they absorb little frying oil. It is therefore pleasant in the mouth. Better on the other hand avoid boiling them in water because they may decompose. There are many other varieties of potatoes that are better suited to this method of cooking. But note that floury flesh has no equal for soak up the sublime flavors which they accompany with panache.

Potato with firm flesh

In this range, there are elongated tubers. Their flesh remains very firm when cooked, i.e. it don’t come undone. It is therefore safe to cut them into slices or cubes since they remain intact. Their texture is very pleasant, consistent and of great finesse. Potatoes with firm flesh are ideal:

  • As an accompaniment to meat and fish in sauce or not,
  • In stew,
  • In raclette,
  • And salad.

The firm-fleshed potato is perfect for a boiling and steaming, in the oven or in their skin just brushed and wiped, sautéed in a butter and olive oil base with thyme, bay leaf, rosemary and Guérande salt, that is to say shot style. A pure delight!

If it is the type of tuber that is consumed in the majority, do not hesitate to plant in the garden the varieties of potato with firm flesh, of which here is an interesting selection.

  • Gearsremarkable with its chestnut taste, it can be eaten browned as well as in a salad or with parsley butter after steam cooking,
  • Charlottewith yellow flesh, perfect for preparation in the field dress but not only,
  • Amandadaughter of Charlotte, is one of the essential potatoes in the kitchen,
  • Belle de Fontenaywith a good subtle taste of hazelnut,
  • Annabellewith a delicious dark yellow flesh,
  • BF15particularly popular for pan and oven cooking,
  • Rosevalwith a flesh of great firmness, it can be served with its pretty deep pink skin,
  • Sweetheart, whose skin is red and flesh yellow, is Roseval’s daughter and Pompadour’s sister. It is delicious fried, in a salad, sautéed or even steamed,
  • Pompadourissue d’un marriage between BF15 and Rosevalit is one of the references in terms of potatoes with firm flesh,
  • Annabellewhose dark yellow flesh holds up extremely well when cooked.

Plant your potatoes: opt for early varieties

In the oven, roasted in a sauté pan, cooked en papillote, in water, steamed or under the ashes, the potato is a food of choice for young and old. Rich in carbohydrates, it provides a good dose of energy. We therefore do not sulk under any pretext, especially since potatoes are not fattening. The same cannot always be said of certain sauces that accompany it.

All gardeners, even those with only a small plot of land, can grow potatoes, knowing that they are easy going because they require little maintenance. But in addition to selecting its varieties according to their flesh (melting, mealy or firm) it is also necessary to be interested in their earliness.

The earliness of these tubers is a choice criteria which matters as much as the consistency of their flesh. To consume your own harvest, you might as well choose varieties of different earliness. This allows to enjoy good new potatoes from the garden for longer. They are consumed as the harvest progresses. So there is no need to worry about storing them in winter.

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