Price of laying an exterior paving stone terrace and driveway: cost quotes and advice

In order to plan the budget necessary to lay a slab on the outdoor terrace or around the swimming pool, it is necessary to take into account the quality of the material but just as much the nature of the support as well as many other points likely to impose different constraints. Natural stone, resin, tiles are among the many variations of paving. It is up to everyone to arrange their exterior according to their financial capacities, without neglecting the technical constraints likely to be imposed.

Exterior paving: the constraints to be expected

When we plan tobuild a terrace to improve the comfort and the aesthetics of its external environment, it is essential to show foresight so as not to be confronted at the time of the work with insoluble problems. The crucial question to ask is: should we pour a concrete slab ?

When to pour a concrete slab?

It may be necessary to pour a concrete slab before laying a paving. It is not just a finishing coat that we call the screedbut of an element intended to carry a construction such as a shelter in concrete block or bricks for example which can accommodate a summer kitchen. If the screed is only four or five centimeters thick at most, the concrete slab as for it easily reaches ten or twelve centimeters.

The concrete slab is a supporting element. It is made up of cement, water, sand and gravel, but also scrap metal in the case of reinforced concrete. It must be stable and solid and not risk cracking. This requires real know-how. Therefore it is always recommended to entrust the pouring of a concrete slab to a professional who knows all the techniques to apply so that there is subsequently no risk of infiltration and/or slipping.

Pouring a concrete slab: what budget should you plan?

To pour a concrete slab, a company charges:

  • Between 300 and 500 €/day, price to which VAT should be added. The hourly price depends on the difficulties that may be imposed by the structure of the ground or by complicated access to the site with machinery.
  • Around €160/M3 for industrial concrete or around €280/M3 for poured concrete,
  • From 10 to 20 €/M² for all preparation work,
  • 15 to 22 € per linear meter for the execution of formwork.

Thus, the overall cost of a concrete slab about ten centimeters thick is in a range of between 67 and 72 €/M², ie for a terrace of 30 M² more than 2,000 €.

Laying a terrace: the choice of slabs

There is a wide choice of paving intended to be laid outdoors. It is in this category that the slabs must also be chosen so that they are sufficiently resistant to UV, hail, frost, humidity and temperature variations. The prices generally observed are as follows:

  • The gravel slab, made of concrete, is the cheapest of all the slabs with a price between 12 and 45 €/M².
  • Reconstituted stone with many finishes to choose from for perfect harmony between the terrace and the house, for example, is sold between 18 and 70 €/M².
  • Natural stone is highly prized for its nobility and beauty. Available in many quality levels, it costs between 40 and 180 €/M².
  • Exterior tiling that is easy to maintain costs from 8 to 140 €/M².
  • Resin slabs of great resistance and in many colors require a budget of between 40 and 110 €/M².

When you have a tight budget, it is in your best interest to choose an exterior paving that does not require you to pour a slab but can land on a bed of sand while ensuring excellent stability. Of course, this decision must be taken on the condition that a concrete slab is not necessary. Hence the importance of seek advice from an experienced craftsman.

There is another solution for landscaping your exterior: the very trendy plant tiles for the terrace. A natural grass tile costs between 20 and 28 €/M² depending on its quality.

Additional costs to secure a raised terrace

If the terrace is not at garden level, it may require the installation of a bodyguard in order to be completely secure. The railing becomes obligatory when the height of fall of a terrace located in height is 100 centimeters. This is a fairly common scenario when the house has a half-buried basement, for example, or if you want to build a upstairs terrace.

The guard can be:

  • Glazed: this is an excellent solution when you want to protect your terrace from cold winds, especially in regions with a harsh climate where the good weather sometimes takes a long time to set in. This type of element glass is relatively expensive, around €200 to more than €500 per linear meter, depending on whether you opt for frosted glass or transparent glass whose thickness varies.
  • In cable: made up of cables or crosspieces of different materials, it is a good compromise between exterior decoration and practicality, the bars can be used as a support for balconnières. This solution allows an original marriage between different materials such as wooden poles and steel cables. For this variation of balustradethe invoice is between 180 and 520 € per linear meter.
  • In stainless steel: a style in tune with the times that brings a touch of modernity to the outdoor space. Its price is between 110 and 460 € per linear meter.
  • In stone, reconstituted or natural: perfect for giving the property a special character. Depending on the material – synthetic or natural -, it takes between 40 and 320 € per linear meter.
  • In wood: this noble material brings an authentic touch to your outdoor space. You have to pay between 60 and 300 per linear meter.
  • Wrought iron: still as popular for the unique character it brings to the terrace, between the old and the contemporary. A wrought iron railing entry-level costs around €70 per linear meter and for top-of-the-range products, the budget is much higher, around €600 per linear meter.
  • Sheet metal panels: very popular on a terrace that decorates a contemporary house, they give style, between urban chic and industrial. Sheet metal leaves many decorative possibilities to create a unique universe. Its price is within a range of 300 to 800 € per linear meter.

At time choose your railing balustrade for a raised terrace, it is necessary to take into account the aesthetic aspect of this element which guarantees the peoples’ security. We try to choose it in harmony with the construction and the terrace paving, depending on their financial possibilities. It is essential to get multiple quotes to budget for this landscaping.

The legislation on the bodyguard is strict. Before choosing the style of terrace protection that you want to install, it is essential to be well informed to know the obligations in terms of guardrail height.

If the ground allows it, it is possible to arrange a terrace mounted on pedestals. It is an interesting solution in terms of budget since it costs at most 900 € for an area of ​​40 M². It is a surface that allows you to install garden furniture, a barbecue and pretty pots and planters that bring a very pleasant vegetal note to this universe focused on the relaxation and conviviality.

In any case, whatever terrace is chosen, when it is perfectly done, it gives the garden an aesthetic touch that changes everything and gives value to the house. But to comply with the regulations in force, you must always start by finding out about the possible formalities.

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