Price of a plumbing renovation: advice and quotes

It is better not to neglect the state of the plumbing in order to avoid recurring water leaks, or even real water damage. This type of setback can lead to large unforeseen expenses. Plumbing is one of the areas to be checked systematically, especially when you want to carry out renovation work in a house or apartment that you have owned for a long time or in an old property that you have just acquired. . Small repairs or replacement of all the piping, how do you know what is needed and how much it costs?

Plumbing in poor condition: warning signs

All of the water used year-round by a family, whether at home or in the garden, must pass through the pipes. The same applies to the evacuation of all the waste coming from the kitchen, the toilets, the bathroom. After this brief overview, we understand better why it is so important to make sure to keep your plumbing in excellent condition.

When the plumbing fails, there are two types of interventions, namely:

  • The small renovation
  • Total renovation with complete replacement of the piping.

Intervening as quickly as possible is the solution for protecting against the risk of flooding and keeping the equipment already in place.

Have the extent of the plumbing renovation work assessed by a professional

Most of the piping is not visible since the pipes are buried. It is therefore useless to want to play the pros when you have no experience in this field. It is in the consumer’s interest to use a qualified plumber to check if it is necessary to renovate and what is the extent of the needs. At the same time, this allows the work to be costed.

The artisan plumber begins by looking for the slightest clue tending to prove that the piping is in poor condition, such as:

  • Welds that leave something to be desired,
  • Rusty pipes: the water flowing from the taps in the kitchen or the shower is yellow, orange, brownish or reddish, indisputable proof that the rust has started to attack the pipes,
  • Water flows from the taps in spurts,
  • A bad level of heating of the water radiators,
  • Traces of humidity here and there,
  • The appearance of rust stains on clothes and linens after washing.

These few scenarios are major defects that make the plumbing unusable or risk a flood. They justify a complete plumbing renovation.

Sometimes the problems are much less important, being limited to small occasional breakdowns of a water heater, for example, a drop in pressure or even damaged seals. In the presence of minimal flaws of this ilk, the plumber is then limited to a small renovation.

Plumbing renovation: how much does it cost?

The budget to plan when you have to renovate your plumbing is extremely variable. Everything depends :

  • The level of wear of the piping,
  • The extent of the damage if the humidity has started to settle everywhere,
  • The area of ​​the house because the larger it is, the more important the elements that make up the plumbing are,
  • The choice of replacement devices and equipment (heating, valves, etc.),
  • The cost of labour, knowing that it varies considerably from one region to another and that it is higher in large cities than in small towns and in the countryside, the prices for plumbing services being freely set by professionals,
  • Travel costs.

For information, here are some examples of prices including VAT noted for plumbing work.

  • Intervention price:
    • Hourly rate for emergency response a plumber: from 40 to 160 €,
    • Surcharge the hourly rate for an emergency intervention on Sundays and public holidays: between 20 and 50%.
  • Prices for small plumbing jobs:
  • Price for works complete renovation plumbing:

This is only about mediumthis implies that some projects cost less while others proved to be much more expensive.

Have an inventory drawn up by several plumbers

Pour preserve your homethe owner must take care to have an inventory drawn up by different plumbers in order to compare the diagnostics, the services offered and also the amount of the various quotes. Having an inventory drawn up by different plumbing professionals does not take much time if you rely on an online plumber comparator.

No need with such a tool to sacrifice a day canvassing all the plumbers in the region. Several quotes are sent to the consumer within a few minutes of his request, specifying the contact details of the professionals closest to home. Of course, the process is without obligation and completely free. It also allows you to find in the blink of an eye a Plumbing Quality Certified Craftsmanwhich is a plus.

Whatever the cost of the renovation, the operation always turns out to be profitable in the more or less long term. Indeed, giving up the work so as not to spend money increases the risk of degradation of all devices and equipment directly or indirectly related to plumbing. In the end, the bill may turn out to be even saltier and it will have to be renovated anyway. In addition, have plumbing in perfect condition increases the value of an old property. This must be taken into account in the event of resale.

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