Principle of a Scandinavian decoration : give a Nordic style to your interior

Beyond an atmosphere, the Scandinavian style is a Art of living which combines comfort and conviviality. Its cozy atmosphere transforms our homes into pleasant cocoons with soft colors and lines. Colour, material, texture, furniture, lighting, accessory… our tips to give your interior Scandinavian elegance.

What is Scandinavian style?

The Scandinavian countries go through harsh winters punctuated by long nights. During this cold season and dimly lit, the inhabitants like to take refuge in their house which they transform into a den. In their warm cocoon reigns a cozy atmosphere woven with materials naturals, clean lines and patterns graphics. Imbued with comfort and conviviality, Nordic decoration is distinguished above all by its simplicity. His mind minimalist is reflected in particular in the furniture created by illustrious designers of the 1950s and whose iconic pieces are now being reissued.

Neutral tones at the heart of Scandinavian style

In order to bring in the light indoors, Nordic populations look for clear, uncluttered atmospheres and place color blanche (or off-white) at the heart of their decoration. This neutral base is generally associated with warm materials such as wood which can be used on furniture, parquet or beams. Also appreciated are the shades that draw on the nature. Light or dark grey, beige or even taupe serve as a backdrop for the layout that will be implemented.

A palette of natural or pastel tones

The white walls and light tones produce a decor minimalistwhich lends itself ideally to adding hints of color vibrant. A touch of powder pink, water green, lavender purple, sky blue and light yellow can emerge through a wall sticker, graphic prints or wallpaper pasted on a wall. From your background monochromaticuse only one or two colors, making sure they blend harmoniously.

Wood permeates the Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian countries are known for their attachment toenvironment and their environmental concerns. With this in mind, the use of materials rough is clearly privileged. The search for a warm interior and the abundance of forest resources very early oriented the Nordics towards wood. Tinted, smoked or bleached, this material can be integrated in many forms: coating on the floor, on the ceiling, on the walls or through furniture and accessories. Wood floors are generally everywhere except in the rooms wet. Pine, oak, beech or ash, don’t hesitate to mix the species, preferring a light shade.

Nordic decor mixes materials

Since the Scandinavian atmosphere is both cocooning and elegant, the finishes metallic (metal, brass, copper, etc.) invite themselves into the decor to produce a contrast balance. In Nordic decoration, all kinds of materials natural are welcome: wicker, rattan, hemp, leather (imitation)… In the kitchen, the counter is made of wood, concrete, stainless steel or white quartz for a truly purified.

Scandinavian style: materials and fabrics

The different textures play a key role in creating the cozy atmosphere essential in the Scandinavian style. Do not hesitate to mix soft and natural textiles that will halo your interior with a Bohemia and design. A thick woolen blanket on the bed, linen pillows, plaids on the sofa, light curtains, thick curtains, large rugs will bring candy to the decor. To liven up the rooms, multiply the cushions with geometric patterns. On the floor, carpets Berbers or herringbone will break the monotony of neutral colors.

Lighting in a Nordic decor

A goal of the Scandinavian style is to illuminate the space and organize an atmosphere warm. As such, particular care should be taken in the choice of lighting. First, the presence of large Windows will guarantee the entry of natural light. At the same time, the diversity of light sources will be a plus. Of the suspensions wireframes with a sleek look, floor lamps and lamps placed on a wooden base. The Nordic decor goes well with the style industrial, a metal architect lamp with swing arm will be perfect in an office. The chimney near which the family meets will reinforce the conviviality of the place.

Beautiful and practical furniture

Scandinavian design is based on the feature and elegant simplicity. In this context, favor practical furniture with pure lines and organic. Table, chair, armchair, cupboard, shelf… You will easily find furniture designed by the famous designers Nordic: Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Hans Wegner… In the event of a limited budget, many creations display colors tender and the clean profile typical of the Scandinavian style. Very fashionable, furniture with wooden compass legs will breathe design and lightness into your interior. A sofa gris will give the final touch to your Nordic decor.

The essential accessories for the Scandinavian style

Pour wake the walls dressed in white or neutral tones, the Scandinavians like to hang mirrors in different shapes, photo frames, stickers with patterns geometricgraphic elements or even the citation by a well-known author… Their diversity will add pep to the decor. The candles, garlands lights and other lanterns will envelop your cocoon in gentle warmth. Finally, arrange here or there plants greens in a glass jar that will diffuse freshness and nature to your interior.

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