The pros and cons of steel roofing and the cost of installation

The roof must be kept in perfect condition because it is what protects the whole house. It therefore greatly contributes to the comfort and safety of the occupants. No question of neglecting it. It must be cleaned regularly, treated, waterproofed, but also unclog certain elements and change defective parts without delay. Cleaning and maintaining your roof involves working on the roof. The operation being risky, many owners choose to call in a professional.

Clean your roof: when, how?

Dust, plant debris, pollution, lichens, moss: the roof gets dirty over time. It is therefore crucial to clean it regularly so that none of these elements can become encrusted. It is advisable to carry out this roof cleaning operation in early spring. If the house is located in a heavily treed area, a second roof cleaning can be done during the fall when the deciduous trees have lost much of their leaves.

Cleaning the roof makes it possible to check the good condition of all the elements that make it up, to also see if the gutters and gutters are not blocked by plant debris.

The best way to do this is to use a pressure washer because it is:

  • Facile,
  • Fast,
  • Efficient,
  • Economic,
  • Ecological.

The pressure washer requires very little effort. Thanks to the power of its water jet, it perfectly cleans the roof, including in the recesses. We go there all the same gently with the pressure because if it is too strong, there is a real risk of damaging the most fragile tiles.

In any case, with this formidable device, there is no need to buy stripping products that are often composed of chemical ingredients that our environment does not really appreciate. At most a few drops of bleach can overcome the most recalcitrant foams, but this product with toxic vapors is to be used in a very exceptional way.

Unclog the gutters

Once the cleaning of the roof has been carried out with the high-pressure cleaner equipped with a suitable lance, it is necessary to tackle the unclogging of the gutters and more generally of all the conduits allowing the evacuation of rainwater. It is important to act as quickly as possible so that the clog possibly formed by the heaps of plant debris does not descend into the pipe and clog it completely or does not accumulate at the level of the manhole. Again, it is recommended to regularly check gutters and manholes to avoid trouble. The procedure is simple and proceeds as follows.

  • Put on a pair of protective gloves,
  • Manually remove dead leaves and other plant residues,
  • Then insert the end of a garden hose to finish cleaning the gutter with a water jet.

When the gutters are perfectly unclogged, the water should flow properly. If not, a dirt plug is stuck. In this case, you must use a ferret to dislodge it. Proceed in the same way to eliminate a blockage that obstructs the rainwater pipe.

Please note: never clean the gutters and pipes with a high-pressure cleaner! This task can only be performed by a professional.

Treat the roof against moss

It may be necessary to apply specific treatments to the roof to keep it clean and beautiful longer. There are different anti-moss solutions for roofs. As a preventive measure, you can treat your roof with an anti-moss product to be sprayed after a complete cleaning of the roof and then to be rinsed or not, depending on the product. The procedure to be followed to the letter is indicated on the packaging by the supplier.

The copper wire

Old remedy that has proven itself, the copper wire in contact with water causes oxidation which prevents the appearance of lichens and mosses. For long-term effectiveness, it is essential to replace the copper wires every 5 or 6 years. Note that copper wire should not be installed over zinc roofing.

Water repellent treatment

It is very useful to protect against infiltration and more generally against humidity, the consequences of which on the habitat and the health of the occupants are harmful. This is a brush-on solution. It has a corrosive power, which is why it is not suitable for all types of coverage. For the same reason, the handling of a water repellent treatment requires certain precautions. It is better to entrust this task to a professional.

Check your roof

When cleaning the roof, it is useful to carry out a small check of the various organs. This ensures that it is in perfect condition. No question of playing the tightrope walkers. We are content to observe the elements visible from below without going up on the roof. The main control points are:

  • The cover: the visual condition of the tiles, slates or other must be impeccable,
  • The gutters: we look for the slightest sign of oxidation,
  • The top: its line is very straight when it is in perfect condition,
  • The flue: all its parts must be monitored.

If you have spotted damage, even minimal, it is essential to contact a roofing craftsman who will take care of the repairs.

We finish the inspection of the roof by going up to the attic or the attic. This makes it possible to check that the underside of the roof is intact, as is the insulation, and that there are no parasites in the frame. Termites, for example, are a real scourge in the house. In case of traces of wood powder on the attic floor, there is only one solution: call an emergency specialist. In the absence of intervention, the entire frame can be destroyed.

Entrust the maintenance of your roof to a professional

The best advice we can give to owners is to play it safe. Roofer is a job that requires great experience to avoid accidents. In addition, this roofing specialist is able to detect the slightest fault and remedy it. Repositioning tiles lifted by a storm or replacing broken tiles, demossing, cleaning, unclogging gutters and rainwater pipes, repairing the ridge, inspecting and treating the frame are among the many tasks to be entrusted to the roofing craftsman to keep its roof in perfect condition and ensure that it remains as beautiful as it was originally.

Three or four roof maintenance/cleaning/repair quotes can be requested to assess the exact cost of the intervention according to the needs. The expense is worth it, both for safety reasons and to preserve your entire home.

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