Pruning a plane tree : when and how ? Our advice

The plane tree mulberry is an elegant tree in the shade of which one appreciates to settle down during the beautiful season. It is the female specimens that give edible, sweet and juicy fruits, but well known for staining clothes and terraces. So it is wiser to opt for a male mulberry tree, which does not bear fruit, but in this way it is in complete serenity that one can protect oneself from the sun under its abundant leaves of a beautiful green. deep and brilliant. Let’s find out when is the best time to prune the sycamore leaf mulberry and how to go about it.

When to prune a plane tree mulberry?

The pruning of this tree with its perfectly straight trunk is not absolutely essential. We can very well let the mulberry tree develop freely because in its natural state it sports a very pretty silhouette. However, to the extent that one wishes to make a very compact vegetable parasol able to cover a wide area which keeps a pleasant coolness in summer, it is best pruned. In this case, we wait until the sap no longer flows, that is to say when the plane tree mulberry has entered the vegetative dormancy period. This is highly preferable to pruning in the spring.

How to prune a mulberry tree with plane leaves?

The pruning of the mulberry tree from the end of November to the end of February. Elle consists of:

  • keep only 4 to 6 buds on 1 year old branches.
  • Cut:
    • crossed branches,
    • overlapping branches.
  • Shorten the branches with a bevel cut,
  • Cut the vertical branches and keep only those that grow horizontallywhich is necessary for the sycamore-leaved mulberry to have a spreading habit.
  • To delete :
    • dead wood,
    • dried out branches that have suffered either because of a severe and long-lasting heat wave, or from a lack of water,
    • the branches that have been broken by strong winds the branches victims of a pathogenic fungus and burn them systematically.
  • Remove twigs that start to emerge on the scaffolds, but only the strongest ones as they will quickly grow into unwanted new branches. On the other hand, we can keep the most puny ones which will not grow very large but will contribute to increasing the shade thanks to the leaves which they will bear from spring.

Cet shade and ornamental tree which can reach 12 to 15 meters in height, we can – thanks to an annual pruning – control your growth so that it does not become too invasive, which is preferable if planted on a small plot.

Entrust the pruning of the mulberry tree to a professional

Proper pruning can transform the plane tree mulberry into a real natural arbor and shape aesthetic, whose port always remains perfectly balanced. Different tools allow you to carry out a neat pruning, such as the saw for the largest branches and the shears, better suited to young branches. But it is not enough to be well equipped to successfully prune a tree. Many amateur gardeners wishing to take care of this task themselves, requiring a certain knowledge of plants, are ultimately disappointed with the result obtained.

We recommend turning to a landscaper for example, absolutely expert in the plant world. He knows how to recognize the best time to prune a mulberry tree, but also perfectly masters the different pruning methods, depending on whether his client wants to keep the natural shape of the tree or turn it into a marvelous arbor. It is quite possible to find out about the rates charged by asking several quotes thanks to an online comparator of professionals. The icing on the cake, entrusting certain gardening work to a pro allows you to benefit from a tax reduction, under conditions.

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