Purple: what symbolism for this color? What associations in decoration ?

Violet, a trendy color if ever there was one, is a complex color. Double, it unites all the opposites of red and blue. Cold with hot, terrestrial and celestial, masculine and feminine. From the clairvoyant balance of blue in combination with the power of red, purple also represents power. Purple also means supernatural. Another meaning of purple is transformation – again through the merging of the opposites of red and blue.

For many, purple is still synonymous with fascination, luxury and alluring, sublime beauty. Did you know that purple hasn’t always been considered a typical interior color? Originally, tint was mainly used as a color that was used occasionally. It is now used more generously and sometimes completely covers the walls. How to create a relaxing atmosphere in purple?

What effect does purple have in decoration?

As said above, not only the walls are beautiful in purple but also the accessories. Whether it is a wall section, a single wall or even all walls. It depends on the color chosen and the size of your room. In general, the larger the room and the lighter the color, the more walls can be painted. Mystical and royal at the same time – the color violet gives your rooms an elegant and extravagant note. Whether as wall paint, furniture or living accessory, purple is a real eye-catcher but should be used with care. If you imagine it with a bright color, your room can quickly look heavy or even cluttered. If you fancy a deep purple, maybe you only need to partially paint your walls.

The different shades of purple

Purple is not just purple! The color tone offers different shades and gradients. Light purple tones give your room a more feminine touch. Berry tones – from blackberries to lingonberries to wild berries, look great too. Basically, purple can be mixed with colors that have a base of blue and red.

Pair purple with other colors

Purple tones pair well with bright colors like pink, orange, and red, as well as white and green tones. If you combine purple with colors like olive green, you get an unusual and extravagant living environment. With white or gray, purple looks modern, while pink creates a harmonious and calm color palette.

The purple and yellow combination

Yellow is the complementary color of purple. So you can’t go wrong combining them both. This gives a simple style but one that works for sure. A pale purple with a warm yellow and your room exudes softness and comfort. It is enough to combine purple and yellow and the contrast creates a harmonious and friendly atmosphere in your interior.

The association purple and pink

Pair purple with pink and purple takes on the dynamic part of this color duo, creating a powerful atmosphere in your room. If you add pops of pale pink, the overall vibe will be even warmer. So that the style is not too feminine, you can set yourself as a decorative line accessories of black color. If you opt for indirect light sources, you are sure that the set will not be overwhelming. With this color combination, make sure that there are enough light sources, otherwise it can quickly become overwhelming.

The purple and white association

Do you have a very country house decoration? The association purple and white would be perfect. She is absolutely chic! The elegance of lilac or lavender can be enhanced by white. This stunning color duo is particularly suitable for dark rooms, as the white and a bright purple bring light into the darkest corners of your room. You can also add a third color to your decoration in touches, but choose neutral tones.

The association purple and gray

The color purple immediately gives an impression of comfort when paired with a soft gray. On the other hand, if you want to surprise, opt for a dark anthracite. Violet being a very expressive color, we advise you to choose this color as an accent color when painting your wall. A sober gray can give a very elegant atmosphere, even becoming luxurious if you pair it with golden accessories – which can remind you of the 20s.

The association purple and green

Delicate purple looks especially pretty when combined with creamy and soft green tones. Again, if you want to make an impression, choose a green with a lot more yellow. This association with purple will not leave your visitors or those around you indifferent.

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