PVC window with or without small wood? Pros and cons

The PVC window is the cheapest on the market. No wonder it is so popular. Manufacturers have no shortage of ideas for decorating windows with decorative elements. This is the case with small woods. There are different models of more or less practical PVC windows, each with its own set of advantages but also disadvantages.

Choosing the right wood for PVC windows

Several models of PVC window strips are available on the market. Each of them comes in different colors so that it matches the window perfectly. The materials used are generally:

  • brass,
  • Then,
  • PVC.

Each type of small wood has its own particularities. You can also opt for small timbers with a profile (or glazing bead) with paint or prefer moldings. They are made to measure according to the dimensions of the frame. The width of the small timbers is variable. She is from :

  • 8 mm for the brass model,
  • 18 and 26 mm for aluminum and PVC models.

Depending on the number of divisions to be integrated, the visual aspect differs. According to the design that you want to offer to your window, you can opt for the 4, 6 or 8-pane model, or even more. But whatever the solution chosen, for perfect harmony, it is preferable that the small squares thus obtained are all of the same size.

Advantages and disadvantages of glazing bars on PVC windows

The PVC window fitted with small timbers has some advantages, particularly in terms of aesthetics. This is a solution that can be considered for give a particular character to the house. However, these attributes are rarely chosen by the owners of contemporary villas who prefer the PVC window without moldings for its much sought-after refined style.

Depending on the type of braces that one adapts to the window, each one has advantages and disadvantages which it is important to consider before buying. The different possibilities include:

The incorporated braces

Placed in the double glazing, this device is neither more nor less than an illusion of small squares. It does not complicate the cleaning of the windows unlike the small bars not integrated into the glazing which multiply the corners and angles. In addition, the incorporated braces have no effect on the performance of the insulation.

Authentic braces

They divide the window into small panes of glass. They fit well in traditional or rustic homes. However, they have some drawbacks. A small tile is easier to break than a large one. Consequently, this system reduces security. In addition, they interrupt the continuity of the glass, which reduces the quality of the insulation. Finally, window cleaning is more tedious due to the multiplicity of corners.

Glued braces

This is the most economical solution which consists of gluing the crosspieces to the glazing, inside or outside according to individual taste. They can easily be replaced by others. You can also decide to no longer embellish your PVC window with splinters. All you have to do is take them off permanently and remove the glue with a specific product such as acetone. Here again, we can come up against the difficulty of cleaning. It is therefore preferable to install the spacers glued on the inside because the outside of the window is generally more exposed to dirt.

Small engraved woods

This is a good solution if you do not want to be bothered when cleaning. Original, they bring a very aesthetic touch to the window. You can opt for sandblasted or transparent small woods. Many owners set their sights on small woodcuts that do not alter the luminosity.

Small timbers placed on a PVC window pane reduce the brightness of the room. You should therefore avoid opting for this solution when the living space is already quite dark… You should therefore think carefully before deciding on one model rather than another if you want to add a decorative touch to your windows. It should also be noted that the small woods, especially outside, are veritable nests for spiders which love to settle and lay eggs in the corners… Phobics refrain! In case of hesitation, you can seek advice from a carpenter who can offer several estimates for small timbers.

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